Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 should be known to everyone. After all, it is one of the most-known components of the entire Office suite. With this text editor, you can easily create an essay, a cover letter, a thesis or mail merge for business purposes. The program can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

What Can Microsoft Word 2013 Be Used For

Microsoft Word 2013 provides many editing and formatting options, and even active spelling and grammar checking capability in the language of your choice. The program also allows you to insert tables, graphics and ClipArt images, and even diagrams in your documents. The templates bundled with the program allow you for quick creation of such documents as biographies, blog entries, reviews, task lists, and calendars. This editor is additionally integrated with the OneDrive cloud. This guarantees the possibility to save the results of your work online. Then you will be able to access these files from any computer.

It should be mentioned that Microsoft Word 2013 is a component of the Microsoft Office 2013. This word processor allows you to prepare various types of documents and format them in any way. While working with this program, you can change the fonts and styles, the layout of content or add graphic elements.

What’s New

The rudimentary new features of Microsoft Word 2013 include:

  • a new look of the program window, including the new Design tab,
  • easier work with graphics and layout
  • improved reading of documents, as well as the option to resume work,
  • better team cooperation,
  • opening and editing PDFs in Word,
  • new and improved table editing options,
  • better management of long documents,
  • more effective use of multimedia,
  • working in the cloud and presenting documents online,
  • functions related to touch screens.

Microsoft Word 2013 – the Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Word 2013 requires Windows 7, 8 or 10, at least 1 GB of RAM, 3 GB of free hard disk space, a graphics card compatible with DirectX 10, and 1 GHz CPU Intel Pentium / AMD Athlon (or better). It is worth investing in the program, because it has many advantages, and the only disadvantage is the fact that it is a paid application.

When editing the text, you can select one (or several) of the text effects such as underline, bold, italics or strikethrough. There are also options for aligning the text in different ways. You can also format your text in columns, modify bullets and numbering, as well as the margin sizes. Additionally, the user can use the AutoCorrect option (automatic correction of anything you write) or use References (when for example creating your list of sources). In addition, you can use the mail merge function, apply watermarks to your documents or include graphics in the text. Word also offers many useful templates.

The users appreciate Microsoft Word 2013 for the possibility of simple as well as more complex editing of documents, which is very useful in any workplace. The user interface has been modified to suit the users’ needs. All the tools have been assigned to the appropriate tabs in the upper part of the Ribbon of the text editor.

Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Word 2013 is an advanced word processor, available in the Office suite. Download the latest version of the program and create great documents.
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