Text Editors


Editor's choice Evernote-5

Today we are taking a look at a very handy app called Evernote. I am someone that would always write text messages to themselves as notes so I would no forget things. Of course, most phones have some ...

Notepad++ 8.4.2

Editor's choice Notepad-plus-plus-8

Ok, so full disclosure here people I am not the kind of person that Notepad++ is aimed at. I feel this is aimed at those who are “tech professionals” and those who need to be able to write code ...

GT Text 2.02

Editor's choice GT Text-5

I have to start by stating that GT Text is completely free and it is the kind of software that comes in way handier than you would think. Have you ever had a picture, document, letter, PDF, or ...

Cypher Notepad

Editor's choice Cypher-Notepad-3

Cypher Notepad is a text editor that allows you to save important details, including usernames and passwords. Besides that, you can also save any crucial information without worrying about anything. ...

GetDiz 4.91

Editor's choice GetDiz-4

GetDiz is an application that is created by Outertech. It’s a Notepad replacement program that is an ideal choice for beginners. In case you don’t want to use Notepad, you can easily use it. It ...

tinySpell 1.9.64

Editor's choice tinySpell-3

tinySpell a program that helps to check spelling mistakes. If you have just started to learn English and want to use a tool that can help you with spelling mistakes, it is the right choice for you. ...

Diffinity 0.9.3

Editor's choice Diffinity-2

Diffinity is a freeware whose main purpose is to provide accurate information related to code diffs. The term diff is basically used to compare two files and provide information related to them. ...

tkCNC Editor 3.0

Editor's choice tkCNC_Editor-4

tkCNC Editor- as the name suggests, is a program that is created for editing CNC code, which is also known as G-code. The G-code is basically used for CNC (computer numerical control) machines and ...

LopeEdit 5.8.1

Editor's choice Lope_Edit -7

LopeEdit is an alternative to Windows Notepad. If you feel that Windows Notepad is not working right for you, then you can use this application. It’s good for programmers and helps them to practice ...

ThesesAssistDrawer 6.3.0

Editor's choice ThesesAssistDrawer-5

ThesesAssistDrawer is a useful utility created by TujiaStudio. It’s a tool that helps you to write a thesis by providing help in structure and references. It contains MS Word add-ins so that you can ...

Crypto Notepad 1.7.2

Editor's choice Crypto_Notepad-1

Crypto Notepad is a reliable tool that works the same as Windows Notepad does. The tool helps to protect essential data so no one can access it without your permission. The working of this tool is ...

Text editors are programs that help create text documents. Among them, we also distinguish programs called word processors. A word processor is, in other words, a very advanced text editor. A word processor has advanced features that could not be found in a simple text editor. One of the most well-known word processors is MS Word. Often referred to colloquially as a text editor, it belongs to this more advanced group.

What Are the Differences Between a Word Processor and a Text Editor?

A text editor is just a program that is used to enter text, and its capabilities are limited. If it already has some formatting features, then they are not advanced. Among the most-known text editors, we can name Notepad,  TECO, Aurora or even a text editor for programmers – EditPlus (but these form yet another kind of software).

When it comes to word processors, here we can count on much more advanced features. They deal mainly with font and style control, setting up columns, adjusting margins and so on, or in short, to give your text professional look and feel. The word processors also allow you to edit the text in by adding multimedia or rich content. In other words, you can freely add various types of tables, graphics and so on.

Unlike text editors, word processors have also such features as password protection of the documents or creating of hyperlinks in the text. They also have a lot of handy features when it comes to printing, such as a print preview.

In the most popular word processors, i.e. Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect or LibreOffice Writer, you will also find features that facilitate typing and syntax error eliminations. The processors detect linguistic, stylistic or grammatical errors and marked them for the user to correct. They can also suggest synonyms.