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NFOPad 1.8

If you work with a lot of text online then you know how much of a pain the difference between plain text and other text can be. NFOPad is probably one of the best replacements for the de facto plain text converter, Microsoft’s NotePad, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

How to Download NFOPad

You can download the program for free either from the manufacturer’s site or from MadDownload.com by clicking on the Download button below.

The Program Review 

We’ll explain to you exactly why it is such a great piece of software and a worthy replacement for the default Windows NotePad.

To be sure, NFOPad is a clone of NotePad but expands user customization options to the next level. 

You will be able to do things on NFOPad that you could never do on NotePad and that is what makes it useful.

Aside from the conversion of rich text to plain text, NFOPad has localization for multiple foreign languages as well as the ability to convert .nfo files to ASCII text. It also has automatic hyperlink and email address detection features built in. For users that want to maintain the rich text, NFOPad is compatible with most fonts and has various options for rich text support.

Naturally, it has Unicode support like NotePad but it also offers file drag and drop, go to line, and .LOG functionality. It goes well beyond just a simple NotePad and offers a range of text editing and sorting options that you would expect to find in a word processing program.

Developed by True Human Design, NFOPad is frequently updated with new features by the dedicated team that has worked on the program since its premiere in 2004.

Because it is a clone of NotePad, users shouldn’t worry too much about the software becoming obsolete over time. NotePad is a standard in the computing world and NFOPad seeks to offer greater functionalities than that staple software without sacrificing its cores functions.

As far as which is the better option for users, NFOPad is hands down the better choice for users that work with large amounts of text either for online development purposes or coding or otherwise.

NFOPad has a litany of powerful features that just makes your life easier. That said, it is not a replacement for a word processing program.

If you need something that can edit, search, scan, manipulate, and otherwise help with the organization and presentation of text, NFOPad is an awesome option. But as a primary input for text, it is not as useful. You can set the window width so that you don’t have endless text going to the right side of the screen, but NFOPad isn’t meant to be a word processor. It might seem an attractive option for that given how expensive some of that software can be, but we have to advise against it because it’s just not intended for that kind of use.

So if you want something more powerful and with greater functions than your standard NotePad, look no further than NFOPad. An old program but a great one, we don’t doubt that NFOPad will continue to receive updates and improved functions on into the future.

NFOPad is a small, not resource-hungry text editor. Download it now for free and enjoy its many cool features.
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