Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system from Microsoft (released in 2015). It is the direct successor of Windows 8.1. The system is an answer to the request of Windows 8 users who were unhappy with its interface. The ease of use can be compared to that of Windows 7.

How to Download Windows 10

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The Good Old Menu Start

The most prominent feature of the new Windows 10 is its Start menu, which improved when compared to what we had to deal with in Windows 8. It consists of one column, which is very easy to use. There we can the list of the most frequently used programs and another list – of the most recently added ones. We receive also access to system settings, switching the logged-in users and turning off the computer. Additionally, we have a very handy list of all the installed programs which are sorted alphabetically.

At the right side of the Start menu, we have a set of icons in the style known from Windows 8. Some are animated. The whole of the Start menu can be widened or lengthened by dragging it to the right, left, and up and down.

More User-friendly Features

Close to the Start button, there is a Search icon that can be clicked on. Next to it, one can also find a button that invokes a live preview of all the open windows. It gives the user the ability to switch between them. The windows are enlarged when compared to those which can be seen after pressing Alt-Tab. The new solution has also its own keyboard shortcut. This time it is Windows Tab.

Another useful feature is the Snap function that allows for comfortable placing the windows on-screen real estate.

More cool things can be found in Windows Explorer. Quick Access list consists of the most commonly used folders. We can also easily add our own, which makes working with Windows 10 much faster.

Windows 10 Games and Internet

The new Windows 10 browser is certainly a revolution. It succeeds Internet Explorer and that is very good as the old browser for many seemed like an old and slow program. The new browsers, called Microsoft Edge now tried to compete with the fast rivals like Chrome or Firefox. One funny feature which can be quickly noticed when the user opens the browser is the ability to prepare hand-written notes on the open web pages. These can be then sent to friends. What about IE? It may come as a surprise, but it is still there in the system. It might be useful for the pages that still require Active-X controls.

Windows 10 introduces also the new Windows Store. There we can buy digital downloadable editions of programs and games. Speaking of games, gamers will be happy to learn that the new system comes with DirectX 12. These libraries will be useful not only for entertainment but also for some more demanding CAD graphics applications.

The more advanced system users will smile learning that the old command prompt has been slightly improved. The window is now resizeable and we can paste the text inside with a keyboard shortcut.

Windows 10 is available in two versions: Home and Pro. The Pro version has a number of advanced functionalities that might be required in business. These are, among others, BitLocker (cryptography protection for data), remote desktop, or Windows Store for business users.

Windows 10
Windows 10 is a user-friendly operating system from Microsoft. The installer can be downloaded from the internet.
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