Mozilla Firefox 62.0.2

Mozilla Firefox is a free open source internet browser. It is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and the mobile operating systems Android and iOS. By some it is considered the fastest modern browser, beating even Opera and Chrome. The newest Firefox has been dubbed Firefox Quantum.

Download Firefox

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Firefox Speed

Firefox users boast that the browser uses less RAM than Chrome and thus the programs that are being run by the operating system at the same time can use more memory. Also because Firefox is multi-process browser switching between open tabs happens instantaneously. The browser’s speed is also apparent in 3D games that are run inside it.

Add-ons and Extensions for Firefox

Firefox lets it users install different add-ons and extensions which add to its features. Among them, we can various types of software, for example, ad blocking tools, screen grabbers, privacy apps, or download managers. Here’s a list of the most popular ones

15 Most Popular Firefox Extensions

  1. Adblock Plus – ad blocking
  2. uBlock Origin – ad blocking
  3. Video DownloadHelper – file downloads
  4. Easy Screenshot – screenshot grabber
  5. NoScript Security Suite – JavaScript blocking
  6. Firebug – a tool for programmers
  7. Ghostery – privacy protection
  8. DownThemALL – file downloads
  9. Greasemonkey – customization of websites behavior
  10. Download YouTube Videos as MP4 – file downloads
  11. Cisco WebEx Extension – for web conferences
  12. iMacros for Firefox – automation
  13. Flash Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download [4K] –  file downloads
  14. LastPass Password Manager – password manager
  15. Google Translator for Firefox – web pages translations

Firefox allows also for customization of its outlook. We can accomplish it by installing free downloadable themes.

Privacy and Personal Settings

Mozilla Firefox has a special viewing mode called Private Browsing (it can be compared to Incognito Mode in Chrome). When the user is surfing the web in Private Browsing all the traces of his activity are removed. We are talking about passwords, cookies and the history of viewed pages. A very handy feature if, for example, we are planning to buy online a surprise gift, undetected. Such a type of browsing means also faster experience because Firefox then is blocking the load of some tracking cookies.

Similarly to Google Chrome, also Mozilla Firefox lets its users log in to the browser and store the personal data in the cloud. Thanks to this solution we can access our in information from any device, be it our bookmarks, passwords or even tabs with certain web pages already opened.

Thys we can, for instance, finish our shopping activity, which we started on our smartphone by simply moving to the desktop. We also won’t need to send an email to ourselves from a telephone upon finding an interesting webpage or article. It’s enough to bookmark it and then access on another device. The data is securely stored, protected by our password.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a modern and fast browser, available for free download. It let it users browse the web using tabs and has Privacy Browsing mode.

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