Internet Browsers

Opera GX

Editor's choice Opera GX-14

I am sure you have heard of the Opera browser, well today we are looking at Opera GX! Opera GX takes what is so great about the Opera and tailors it towards gamers. It is packed with cool features, ...

Avast Secure Browser

Editor's choice Avast_Secure_Browser-11

Today we are checking out the Avast Secure Browser (from the makers of the renowned security software) which is one of the more popular browsers out there right now. Those who are looking to keep ...

Brave Browser v1.57.49

Editor's choice Brave_Browser-6

If you are like me, you have been using Google Chrome or some other kind of browser exclusively for years. I am a creature of habit and thought that I would never be swayed away from Google Chrome, ...

Sandcat 6

Editor's choice Sandcat-5

Sandcat is your usual web browser like Chrome but comes with few additional features that make it extremely special. It comes with the speed and power of Chromium and Lua. Moreover, this lightweight ...

LinkStash v3.7.1

Editor's choice LinkStash-3

LinkStash is a downloadable bookmark management tool for Windows users. This program is available in different languages and is available in both desktop and portable versions. So, if you want to ...

SRWare Iron 102.0.5200.0

Editor's choice SRWare_Iron-1

SRWare Iron is an easy-to-use program that can be used as an alternative to Google Chrome. It's one of the fastest apps that you can use today. Not only does it provide fast browsing, but it also ...

MJ Browser v.28/9/2020

Editor's choice MJ_Browser-1

MJ Browser is a simple and manageable internet browser based on Internet Explorer. The browser lets you save you your browsing history helps to perform dictionary searches, and much more. So, if you ...

Pale Moon 31.1.1

Editor's choice Pale-Moon-02

Pale Moon, an interesting browser for you to consider… Those of us that are old enough to remember the browser wars know that companies take that piece of software very seriously.  And if you’ve ever ...


Editor's choice Slimjet-05

A good browser doesn’t have to be very complex, sometimes even the simplest features or the most popular ones can make a very good tool to explore the internet. And that’s what Slimjet tries to do. ...

Waterfox G4.1.3.1

Editor's choice Waterfox-06

Waterfox is a simple browser that’s designed to make it easy for you to browse the internet without privacy issues. Nowadays online privacy is becoming more and more important, so you really need to ...

Internet browsers are programs that let you access the Internet – mainly by means of using WWW websites. The first program of this type was created in 1990, along with the creation of the WWW network, and 5 years later Microsoft Internet Explorer was released. Web browsers have been evolving ever since.

Initially, they only offered the possibility of presenting text and simple graphics, now they allow you to watch movies, run applications, and basically are capable of most of the things other software can do. They have evolved to the point that there are currently whole operating systems based on them – such as Chrome OS, where the main element of the system is a special version of the popular Chrome web browser.

The mentioned Chrome browser is currently the most popular, but it is worth also downloading and checking out its biggest competitors, such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Regardless of your choice, if you choose one of today’s browsers, you’ll find a similar set of basic functionalities, such as a bookmark system, the ability to easily search and much more. Importantly, currently all browsers are free programs, so you can easily test a few and choose the one you will like the most.

It is worth noting that browsers very often receive new updated versions. This is because new technologies for creating websites are still being created, and new threats are still being discovered on the web – browsers have to adapt to these conditions. Therefore, if for a long time the browser chosen by you is not updated, and it starts having problems displaying more and more websites, it is worth considering changing it.

In each case – web browsers are currently one of the basic computer applications, so it is worth downloading each of the proposed and choosing the best one of even use more than one.