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Tor Browser is a darknet internet browser. It is a simple program used to communicate with that part of the internet, which is not moderated and controlled. The program connects to Tor anonymity network. The application looks clean, has a simple interface, and allows you for customization to your needs. Using it doesn’t require any special skills. Tor Browser can be used on all popular systems.

How to Download Tor Browser

Tor Browser is available for free download. To start the download, simply click on the Download button. It is at the end of the review.

What is Darknet? How to Access it

Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox won’t let you access Darknet.

Tor – the anonymous internet – was created by the American army. The military needed a place for anonymous communication to transmit sensitive information. In order for the army not to be the only user of the new part of the Internet, and consequently, not to be visible, the darknet has been made available to everyone who wanted it. This technology is based on such a solution that the connection between your computer and the server does not take place directly but through dozens of anonymous servers. Be warned, in this unprotected place, you will find a variety of sites. Starting from sites where independent journalists exchange information and ending with drug stores, weapons, and stores of stolen data.

Tor Browser is used to connect to the darknet. To start using the browser, you have to download the file and install it on your computer. The installation process itself is trivial and does not deviate from the installation of other programs and games. An important feature of the program is that you do not need to be a pro to use this application. Tor Browser offers a nice interface and a number of settings, thanks to which the program can be adapted to your needs and desires. An interesting option is the ability to save the browser on a USB device memory and carry it with you to use the program if necessary, connecting portable memory to any PC.

The program has been created by The Tor Project. The organization has other numerous projects such as Orbot, Nyx, OONI, Pluggable Transports, Tails, and Atlas. The makers of Tor Browser constantly developing the program. They want to combine security, anonymity, and convenience. The size of the project is evidenced by an open recruitment of volunteers and a request for development support.

The manufacturer’s website is very well structured, simple and clear. It contains information about darknet, textbooks, program manuals, a list of sponsors, contact info, and a donation section for the project. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and read the blog.

There are many browsers on the market with a similar spectrum of features. Tor Browser, however, can be considered the most popular. The application is available for download even on the Android platform. Undoubtedly, programs such as Top Browser contribute to maintaining the original meaning of free internet.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser is a free program for an anonymous internet browsing. TOR is, in fact, an acronym, the abbreviation of The Onion Router (hence the onion in the logotype). Download it and test it now.
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