Text Editors

EF Talk Scriber 22.06

Editor's choice EF_Talk_Scriber-1

EF Talk Scriber is a useful tool that is created by EFSoftware (the makers of EF Commander and many other useful tools). This tool works as a text editor and an audio file player. Apart from that, it ...

Convert.NET 10.3.8201

Editor's choice Convert NET-06

Convert.NET is a compact multipurpose tool that is built mainly for translating texts between languages and has the ability to convert programming codes as well, ability to encrypt and decrypt, it is ...

Batch WORD to JPG Converter

Editor's choice Batch Word To JPG Converter-05

What exactly is the Batch WORD to JPG Converter? Well, I have spent a little bit of time getting better acquainted with this software and I thought I would let you know and share my thoughts. ...


Editor's choice MobiText-07

Word processing is one of those tasks that all of us need. We are always looking for a way to write down content quickly while also being able to create simple documents. Notepad is a tool that comes ...

ClipCube 1.2.1

Editor's choice ClipCube-04

There are many times when you need to take notes in order to stay productive and focused on your daily tasks. The great thing about a tool like ClipCube is that note-taking is a lot simpler and more ...

Markdown Edit 1.35

Editor's choice Markdown-Edit-03

Markdown Edit is a state of the art tool that was designed as the first Markdown editing solution for the Windows platform. The focus is on making sure that you can see the content in its final form ...

PilotEdit Lite 16.5.0


Editing a file can become a very challenging task especially when there’s a lot of content in it. That’s why you need a very dependable, reliable, and easy to use tool that will make file editing a ...

RJ TextEd 15.54

Editor's choice RJ TextEd-main-vs-views

Fancy, cloud-based versions of HTML and text editing software are nice if you can afford the subscription; for the rest of us, though, there’s RJ TextEd, a comprehensive HTML/CSS And Unicode text ...

Depeche View Lite

Editor's choice Depeche View Lite 4

Do you need a code editor that is easy to use, works reliably, and is customizable to highlight and find what you need in a block of code? Then you should check out Depeche View Lite, an awesome and ...

NFOPad 1.8

Editor's choice NFOPad

If you work with a lot of text online then you know how much of a pain the difference between plain text and other text can be. NFOPad is probably one of the best replacements for the de facto plain ...

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 should be known to everyone. After all, it is one of the most-known components of the entire Office suite. With this text editor, you can easily create an essay, a cover letter, a ...

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 is a program that is used to create and edit documents. For this reason, it is a necessary tool at work or at home. Word allows you to create documents such as brochures, thesis, ...