Office Suites

Polaris Office

Editor's choice Polaris Office-4

Polaris Office is a comprehensive program that is created for users who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office. Moreover, it comes with an impressive free version that allows you to use ...

SSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro

Editor's choice SSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro-Quick Start Menu

Yet another office suite you might ask? Why would I need SSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro? Let's start with the obvious first: office productivity software is often a more divisive topic than you might ...

Microsoft Office 2013


Microsoft Office 2013 is a very popular set of tools to facilitate work and study used by many people from around the world. As part of this package, each user has access to tools such as a word ...

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 microsoft_powerpoint_2010

Microsoft Office 2010 suite includes the following programs: Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft OneNote 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft ...

LibreOffice 7.3.4


LibreOffice is a free office software suite available under Open Source license. It can replace virtually any commercial functionality of Microsoft Office. It is also a better alternative to Apache ...

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 Download PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is the successor to Microsoft Office 2003. Three years later this office suite was followed by Microsoft Office 2010. In order to run Microsoft Office 2007 requires a processor ...

Office Suites form a collection of computer programs that can be used not only in the office but also for home and business applications. The office suite usually includes a text editor (known also as a word processor), a spreadsheet program, and a presentation program. Often, we will also find in them an email client, a database program, or a software for creating graphics.

Word processors are obviously designed for text editing, they also have very wide possibilities of formatting the content. A text editor can be simple and offer only basic functions which will be sufficient to write plain text. On the other hand, a text editor or word processor can be a complicated and extremely advanced tool equipped with such gadgets as syntax highlighting or macros.

Spreadsheets present numerical data in tables. Thanks to such tools, you can not only make advanced calculations in a convenient way but also visualize data in the form of column, bar, pie, line, doughnut charts, and many other types. Spreadsheets make it easier to understand data interrelations as well as trends. Their most important features are mathematical and statistical functions. Spreadsheets are also equipped with such advanced features as pivot tables or statistical tools.

Programs for creating presentations allow designing multimedia presentations consisting of text, images, tables, and video. Slides are displayed by the presenter in a specific order to illustrate a topic in a systematic way. A big advantage of the presentation programs is how quickly we can design a visual presentation for our speech and how easy we can modify individual slides or entire presentation templates.

Additional components of office suites are often also database programs, various types of graphics programs, amateur DTP software, web development applications, e-mail software, and electronic calendars and organizers.

Office suites are the software of the first choice for every computer. They are often available in different versions based on the user needs. Among office suites, you can find both commercial packages such as Microsoft Office and free ones – for example, LibreOffice.