I think that Dunki is one of those movies that I really need to see again. I went into Dunki under the assumption that it was a comedy (that is really on me) when it is way more of a drama. If I had ...

American Fiction


In the coming years, I can see American Fiction becoming regarded as one of the best movies of the 00s. I knew very little about this, but I am so glad I went to see it during its limited run in my ...

Waitress: The Musical


While I like musicals, my wife loves them so when we heard that Waitress: The Musical which is based on the movie from 2007 was getting a theatrical release, we really wanted to check it out. I have ...

Jason X


Jason X is a movie that I think gets a bad rep. At the end of the day, this is Jason in space so sitting down to watch this and then call it dumb, that is on you! This is hated by many people and to ...



While I thought that Maya Lopez/Echo was a cool character in Hawkeye, I was not sure she needed her own series! What a fool I was as Echo is a tremendous mini-series and one of the best Marvel Disney ...

Dream Scenario


I am a big fan of A24 and Ari Aster and I think you can tell that Dream Scenario was something Ari Aster had a hand in. Dream Scenario is written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli and like last ...