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Learning a new skill is a tough road – especially in the beginning. One tried-and-true method for accelerating your learning is to use flashcards. Particularly effective when it comes to rote memorization of key facts, flashcards are starting to come into their own as apps like Anki make it easier than ever before to craft your own cards or download those created by others.

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And that last part cannot be stated enough: If you’re in the market for a set of flashcards, or you’re thinking of making some physical cards yourself, you might want to save yourself the time and money by using Anki instead. We’ll tell you why we love this flashcard app so much and why it has so much potential beyond the simplistic flash templates of yesterday.

Before we delve into the app-specific features that make it awesome, we’re going to harp on the community around Anki first. It’s really hard to understate just how much of a vital asset this is for the app. There are so many people out there that have already used Anki and many of them have created their own lists. Looking for vocabulary flashcards to keep you learning a language on the go? You have more choices than you could possibly imagine.

Trying to study up for an exam? Anki has flashcards for that. Rather than waste your time, money, and energy on either buying or making your own, you can find a set of Anki cards that will do the job. And, as we said, the community is so large that you will probably find flashcards in every major subject area, test, language, or even longer-form content like poetry or even music notes!

As an app, you get all the benefits that entail which include keeping up with your progress, updates to functionalities, and a growing community of flashcards that you can add to your collection. This goes well beyond the standard set of physical flashcards already but, just in case you’re still not convinced this is probably the way to go if you need to memorize a bunch of information, perhaps Anki’s “media-rich” format itself can entice you.

In simple terms, the Anki card format is extendable to whatever works best for how you learn new information. Anki calls this a media-rich format because it can include audio and video embeds, pictures, and more text than you could ever fit on a standard notecard. Couple this with an open-source approach to development that encourages iteration and improvement and you’ve got one of the most powerful study tools that we’ve ever seen.

Truly, the user is only limited by her imagination when it comes to what kinds of cards they want to make with Anki and, as we have mentioned several times, the community catalog itself is already impressive enough.

Will Anki change the way you approach studying and learning? It quite possibly could because it is that powerful. The app combines the best of modern technology which means that it is accessible anywhere you could ever need it with an adaptable, constantly updatable format that makes sure the app and its information are relevant to today’s user.

Anki is a fantastic tool that helps you remember. Download it now, learn more and decrease the time you need to study to master the subject.
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