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VCE Simulator 2.8.8

Avanset VCE Simulator is one of the bigger names in exam preparation. They say that the best way to prepare for something is by doing it and that is what this offers you. No matter if you are at school or college, this can be very handy in getting you prepared and more confident for taking an exam.

How to Download VCE Simulator

To download the demo version of the VCE exam simulator for your computer or mobile device, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Program Review

What drew me to this was just how popular it is. Over 5 million people have used this and they say that many top educational establishments and fortune 500 companies use this! There are two versions of Avanset VCE Simulator available for you to purchase there is the Basic and Pro version.

The Basic version of the Avanset VCE Simulator at its cheapest costs you £119.99 and you have different ways that you can pay for it and this aspect is very confusing. For example, if you chose to pay quarterly, you pay £119.99. However, if you chose to pay every 2 years, the monthly rate works out that you end up paying £499.99! There is also a pay annual and pay semi-annually option too. It is honestly one of the most confusing pricing structures I have ever seen.

The Pro Version has a very similar and confusing pricing structure too, but it is more expensive. The cheapest option once again if you chose to pay quarterly and it will then cost you £139.99. If you jump to paying every 2 years it then leaps to a crazy £599.99! Seriously, who came up with this pricing structure?

If you want to practice exams though, this really is one of the best programs out there, you just need to really think before you decide what payment structure is best for you. In the Basic Version of Avanset VCE Simulator, you can take tests from various existing exams. Now, the exams are not actually stored on the site, but they do tell you where to find them.

So, if you are taking an English exam, for example, you just do a quick search and find the exam and then you can take it. This truly is a great way to get you to prep for an exam. Not just in learning the answers to various questions, but also in taking an actual exam too, it can make it seem less scary. The Basic version also allows you to install it on two computers.

With the Pro Version, you can still do that, but it offers more advanced features. It allows you to create your own exam files. This is great as if there is a specific topic that you know will be on the test, you can make your own questions that will help you remember the answers. The Pro Version also lets you edit exam files that you have found and you can even print them out too.

Currently, the Avanset VCE Simulator is available for Windows and macOS computers. You can also use it on your Android and iOS devices. It is very easy to use and there are practice exams out there for pretty much everything. Even if there is none suitable for you, with the Pro Version, you can create it. The software is fantastic, I just hate the expensive and confusing pricing thing they have going on.

VCE Simulator
VCE Simulator from Avanset is a program that lets you practice taking an exam on a testing engine that looks and feels like a real thing. Download it now.
9 Total Score
VCE Simulator Review Summary

  • This is a great way to get more confident before an exam
  • You can easily find practice exams on tons of subjects
  • This is regarded as one of the best exam prep simulators out there
  • Practice does indeed make perfect!
  • It has one of the strangest pricing structures I have ever seen!
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