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SimplexNumerica – March 2022

SimplexNumerica is a mathematical and analytical software tool that helps students and professionals to solve complicated mathematical issues. Not only this, but it assists its users with precise analysis, a vast chart library containing all solutions, and a simplistic approach towards complex topics.

This utility’s main aim is to provide an accurate yet simple solution to the measurements and data provided. It is packed with a vast amount of scripts, graph and function plots, examples, histograms, mathematical operations, IIR filters, and much more. This software can also help you analyze 2D and 3D plotting, perform complex calculations with less room for errors, and develop C++ script programs.

This application is most suitable for beginners. The interactive user interface resembles the MS Office 2016 version, where you can customize it like you want to. The app’s ample amount of help is what beginners and those weak in Maths find quite fruitful. Let’s review more about the app.

How to Download SimplexNumerica

To download the program, click on the Download button that is located below this review.

The Program Review

This application has been in the market since 1986. If we take a closer look at its rendering engine, then one finds it quite reasonable. The graphical output from it is impressive.

Moreover, this tool emphasizes a graphic representation, hence keeping the student’s attention intact. The Inter-process control interface makes the client to server interaction more durable.

Some MS Office features like spreadsheets and charts can be easily accessed on this software. This high-end product is best for mathematical and other logical assessments.

The Key Features Of SimplexNumerica

Here’s a brief overview of this app’s features:

Database Import

This tool’s good thing is its flexibility in importing databases from other clients like Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, or any other DBS. You can import data in CSV, XLSX, DBF, MDB, and XLS formats. In addition to that, it also supports importing and exporting MS Excel Spreadsheet files. The projects are saved as an SXW or SX file.

High-Quality Scripts

This program scripting language is based on AngelScript, which lets other apps extend their basic functionalities. The syntax of it is close to C++, which makes it even more flexible.

Vast Dashboard

The dashboard presented by this software is easy, vast, and provides lots of options. You can perform a bulk selection, do an overview of any tiny details, place your charts and shapes, and review any last-minute changes.

Data & Algorithms

The app provides you a centralized data and algorithm system. Moreover, it contains numerous mathematical functions of every field. You can access algorithms like function plot, interpolation, outlier test, and approximation. The 2-D and 3-D visual functions can also be solved with in-built solutions.

Easy Share

The data you have compiled into this software can also be sent to others through the intranet. The information is encrypted, and your templates are safe. You can receive others’ data too in the same manner.

The Bottom Line

SimplexNumerica is a simplified solution to complicated mathematical issues not just for beginners but for professional learners too. The interactive interface makes it easier to use this utility.

SimplexNumerica is a mathematical program that lets you perform calculations that are useful in big data analysis. Download it now.
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