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Sakura Gamer


Sakura Gamer is part of the Sakura series of video games (check out also our reviews of Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Angels, and Sakura Dungeon. This is a series that is all about fun characters and ...

The Curse of Monkey Island

Editor's choice The-Curse-of-Monkey-Island-003

Released in 1997, The Curse of Monkey Island is the third game in the point-and-click adventure series. Unlike the first two games, this one has not been given a special edition with new graphics and ...



Senren*Banka is brought to us by Yuzusoft and NekoNyan, a bit of a dream team in the world of visual novels. This is available on Steam, but the Steam version has the adult content cut out. You can ...

Nekopara Vol. 4


I had a fair bit of fun with the other volumes of this series. And when you think about it, what is there not to love, it is a game about cute cat girls that are wanting to please their master! With ...

Amnesia: Rebirth


It is kind of crazy to think that Amnesia: Dark Descent is now a decade old! That game really was a massive hit with streamers back in the day. Amnesia: Rebirth takes place around 100 years after The ...