LOVE³ -Love Cube-

Love³ -Love Cube- is a visual novel game that got quite a bit of attention when it was first released in 2019. Let me start by saying this is a game that could not be any less safe for work! Even the version without the rated 18 extremely adult patch is not something you want someone else to catch you playing if you know what I am saying.

How to Download LOVE³ -Love Cube-

You can download the game from Steam. There is also a downloadable free demo and the original soundtrack of the game. As mentioned before you can also separately purchase and download the uncensored patch. If you like such anime games, check out also our reviews of  Crystalline and The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me.

The Game Review

A visual novel game is only as good as its story and the story here is, well let’s just say that it is interesting. The main character is called Ichinari Tsuzurigi and he draws adult comic books and he is having a rough time. He is pretty much at rock bottom, about to lose everything and things look very bleak.

That is until he is given another chance to make it big as an artist. He gets the chance to work with one of the big names in adult manga and this girl just so happens to be someone that he has a past with. What are the chances of that? Of course, Ichinari jumps at the chance and thus the story begins.

As well as Momo the girl Ichinari shares a past with. In his quest to make it as an x rated manga artist, he will be sharing a home with two other hot girls. These are Chacha and Akira and both of these girls along with Momo have their own personality, likes, dislikes and of course, giant anime-style bouncing boobs.

Look, you know where the story is going a mile off. I would like to think that if I am ever in the position where I can get with three hot girls at once this game will have prepared me well. In all seriousness, the story is cute, sexy, weird and just downright dumb at times, but the reason you play a game like this is for the x rated stuff.

The thing about that is the default version that you can buy on Steam for around 10 bucks does not have any of the hardcore stuff in it. You have to pay another 10 bucks to get that patch so you can see the girls in “all their glory” if you know what I am saying. You can buy the game elsewhere with the patch included, but then it costs you 20 bucks. Thankfully there is a demo so you can get an idea if this is for you.

The art in this game is amazing and I am not just saying that because of the giant boobs. There is a lot of charm to the art in this game and the characters look great. They even have a bit of animation so things “bounce” just like you would want them to. The voice acting is all in Japanese and I must admit that I do wish it had English voice acting. Text is ok, but the characters would feel more “real” if I could understand them.

Love 3 is a decent visual novel, but this has no gameplay at all. There are no choices to be made and no different endings. That is something you need to keep in mind before you buy it. Plus remember if you do want the XXX stuff that you are going to have to pay extra to get it.

LOVE³ -Love Cube-
LOVE³ -Love Cube- is an anime visual novel with three cute girls who are in love with the male protagnist. Download it now.
9 Total Score
LOVE³ -Love Cube- Review Summary

  • The three girls are cute
  • The three girls are hot
  • Two of them have giant….
  • The story does have some charm
  • Even though it is very naughty, the art in this game is fantastic
  • It would be better with multiple options for the voice acting
  • No choices at all to be made
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