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It is fair to say that when the first Hello Neighbor was released no one expected it to become a franchise! As I write this, Hello Neighbor is currently in its alpha state on Steam. So, I thought it would be a good idea to take a close look at it and see how it is shaping up.

Let me start with the story which picks up after the events of the first game. The neighbor has gone missing and you the player are looking for him. That is the basic premise of the story, but I am sure the finished version of the game is going to flesh things out as even in this early stage, you can see the game is trying to be more dramatic with its storytelling which I think is great.

One of the first things we need to address is the scale and scope of Hello Neighbor 2. They have gone for a more “open-world” this time around and you are free to explore as you see fit. They have tried to make this a living and breathing world with the AI going about its life… until you get on its radar or try to get into the house of course.

How to Download Hello Neighbor 2

To download the game click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also our reviews of Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek and Hello Guest.

The Game Review

It is very clever stuff and I greatly look forward to seeing how it all plays out. The game has you exploring, hiding, and trying to solve puzzles with various items that you pick up along the way. It is taking what has made the series so popular and expanding on it. They are not trying to change things for the sake of doing so which I think is the right choice.

The presentation so far looks good. Things are nicely detailed and bright when they need to be and dark and dreary when they need to be also. With that being said, this is a game that is in early alpha and it certainly shows. I was grabbed and as I was dragged, I clipped through pretty much every texture in the game.

The graphical glitches are not the only thing that will make you mad! Hello Neighbor 2 in its alpha state is full of bugs and crashes, but this is to be expected. We are basically testing this game for the devs so that they can get an idea of what needs to be fixed, tweaked, and so on. If you can deal with this then I am sure you will be able to get past the issues the game has.

If you like what the Hello Neighbor series has offered so far, you are going to love what they are doing with the sequel. The game is very, very far from being finished, but you can certainly see the promise that is here. If you are someone who cannot deal with unfinished games, I would suggest that you do not bother. Those who can though will get a kick out of how this is shaping up.

Hello Neighbor 2
Hello Neighbor 2 is a horror stealth adventure game. Download it now and visit Raven Brooks one more time.
9 Total Score
Hello Neighbor 2 Review Summary

  • I like the story that they are trying to tell here
  • The AI is super smart, even at this stage of development
  • Exploring the neighborhood is fun, creepy and awesome
  • The visuals are looking pretty solid so far
  • A nice mixture of puzzle-solving, exploring, and running for your life!
  • The alpha is buggy as hell
  • There is a lot of texture clipping
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