Stealth Games

Stargate: Timekeepers


For you to understand what this game is all about you have to be at least vaguely familiar with the Stargate franchise. Stargate refers to a science fiction franchise that originated with the film ...



Before PS5 was released, Deathloop was probably the game I was most excited about. While it was delayed the better part of a year due to the pandemic, Deathloop when it was released in September 2021 ...



I am always interested in a game that has Chernobyl as its setting. Chernobylite is a real mixture of game styles offering FPS action, stealth, RPG elements, and survival horror too. It all blends ...

Hotline Miami


Hotline Miami is a top-down shooter that is like some kind of drug-fueled rampage through the 80s. This is a ton of fun and while it is a game where you die a lot, it still will leave you with a ...

Hitman 3


Hitman 3 is easily the first big title to be released in 2021. This game concludes the Hitman trilogy that IO Interactive started back in 2016. One of the cool things about this game is that it is ...

Partisans 1941


Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactics and stealth game set during World War 2. Even if you have played a ton of games like this, you might find the more scaled-back gameplay of this a breath of fresh ...

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood


The reboot of Wolfenstein has been a huge success, but Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2015) often gets ignored. This was a standalone release that is a prequel to the events of The New Order. It was ...

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha


It is fair to say that when the first Hello Neighbor was released no one expected it to become a franchise! As I write this, Hello Neighbor is currently in its alpha state on Steam. So, I thought it ...

Ghost of Tsushima


Ghost of Tsushima along with The Last of Us Part II has really put the icing on the cake of what has been a fantastic generation for Sony. I am one of the many people who wished Assassins Creed would ...

Stealth games are probably one of the oldest genres of video games. In such title, the gameplay is focused on cleverly hiding from enemies and avoiding fights. The player is rewarded for staying undetected, or for a silent elimination of subsequent enemies. Some stealth game such as Deus Ex, allow you to choose your style of play. If you wish you might finish the game without killing a single opponent. If on the other hand, you want to shoot every enemy in sight, so be it.

One of the flagship examples of stealth games is Metal Gear Solid. You play as a commando infiltrating the hideout of the enemy. The majority of games belonging to this genre are based on a similar scheme. Usually, you will play the role of a soldier, ninja warrior, spy, thief, or as in the Hitman series – a paid killer.

Currently, stealth games are gaining popularity and the fact that in many such titles, the player is given the option of completing a level undetected is becoming a rule. The popularity of the abovementioned games clearly shows that there also players who sometimes want to have a break from mindless chopping of enemies.

The levels in stealth games often require careful planning. The player first observes the locations, learns the behavior of the enemies and then plans his approach. The development of artificial intelligence has made it very difficult to assassinate enemies. The characters controlled by the computer diligently patrol the in-game locations and are able to communicate with each other.

This forces the player to avoid their gaze and to skilfully cover his tracks. To this end, in many stealth games, it is necessary to hide the bodies of defeated enemies or to hack surveillance cameras. Recently, tactical shooters have become a popular game genre and the put a lot of emphasis on stealth.

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