Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is a downloadable multiplayer horror game. Growing up, one particular genre of tale that would get everyone quaking in their boots was the haunted house story. Naturally, almost every town has one and children are often quick to identify a certain quirky or even downright creepy house as the location of the nefarious haunted house. Typically a large, oversized home, one’s imagination can typically imagine all kinds of winding corridors and secret passages within such a home – whether they exist or not. After all, the imagination is often way better at conjuring ghosts than reality itself.

But what if you could play a game where the haunted house was not only real but you and your friends had to rescue your buddy trapped in its basement?

Such is the basic premise of the multiplayer horror game, Secret Neighbor.

Secret Neighbor Download

Currently, Secret Neighbour is in alpha or closed beta and you can redeem your key on Discord. The game will also be available on Steam. To download click on the link below the review. If you like the concept of the game, reach out for its predecessor the single-player title Hello Neighbor.

Secret Neighbor Review

If this concept already sounds creepy then you are probably a member of the audience that this game is targeting.

Another added twist to this basic concept?

The house deemed “the haunted house” is inhabited by a neighbor and one of your friends is a spy working for him.

To recap: You have children, venturing into a stranger’s house to rescue their friend trapped in the basement and one of the cohorts is working with the creepy neighbor.

Aside from being the perfect premise for a horror movie, it is also a great idea for a game. That’s basically Secret Neighbor in a nutshell and it works out amazingly well in practice.

Developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild, Secret Neighbor is a title from the Hello Neighbor series of multiplayer titles. To cut down on what might be an overwhelmingly creepy concept, the game is presented like a cartoon graphically.

Employing oversized furniture and a funhouse mirror stretch to everything, Secret Neighbor’s rooms are at times reminiscent of classic Nickelodeon animation and also subtly horrific in its own right.

Of course, the gameplay revolves around trying to escape the house and avoid the “secret neighbor” saboteur that is trying to hold your friends back. Filled with puzzles and mazes, Secret Neighbor employs backtracking and resource gathering as is requisite for games of this genre. Relying heavily upon cooperative gameplay and teamwork, many of the puzzles in Secret Neighbor are not so much difficult as they are frustrated by the traitor in your group of friends. Discovering who this is, naturally, is part of the fun of the game but also overcoming the challenges this subterfuge throws your way presents a compelling conceit in its own way.

Dubbed a “social horror experience”, Secret Neighbor is a title that is a must-play with others online or friends.

Basically, what this means is that the game uses things like proximity voice chat and general ambiance, among other things, to amplify everyone’s collective experience.

Though the graphics are decidedly unrealistic, the tension and anxiety evoked in the game’s scenario is, nonetheless, very real.

Vibing with one another and feeling someone else’s anxiety at a situation only makes it that much more palpable, transforming Secret Neighbor from a cartoony puzzle solver into a tense game that mimics the best of survival horror.

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer take on the much popular stealth horror game Hello Neighbor. Download it and rescue your friend with your other friends. But beware, there's a traitor among you.

9 Total Score
Secret Neighbor Review Summary

  • Creepy concept
  • Excellent multiplayer puzzle solving
  • Takes advantage of modern gaming accessories to present a full experience
  • Creepy concept
  • Art style might be alienating for some
  • Obscure objectives
User Rating: 1 (1 votes)
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