Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor begins when we arrive at our new home. While unpacking our stuff we can’t help but notice that right across the street there is one very strange house. It looks as if it was built by a mad architect. And inside…

Hello Neighbor: The Plot

… as we take a pick through the windows we notice a slightly obese guy with an Italian mustache, dark hair, and scary rubber gloves. He nails two wooden planks to the doors with a green and white exit sign. He adds a heavy padlock. Then he leaves the key on the cupboard while throwing the hammer on the floor.

Here it’s our hero who enters the stage. It’s natural to satisfy one’s curiosity and do a little spying on our neighbor’s property, isn’t it? Only he shouldn’t notice the hero.

How to Download Hello Neighbor

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To get Hello Neighbor, click on the Download button below. Check out also what we think about the sequel – Hello Neighbor 2.

The Game Mechanics and Gameplay

So… we find a tomato and throw it at his window. We hide behind the corner of the house to see what he is going to do about it. He rushes through the front door and goes to the window to investigate. With him being distracted we enter the house. We try to put on the light in one dark room but it is not working. So we take one working bulb and replace the broken one. Now we can find the hammer. It will be useful soon.

But we need to put off the light. The AI of our neighbor is not stupid. It will notice if something changes so our duty will be also close all the doors behind us. At all times. The AI will also learn about our habits. Do we like to enter the house through the backyard? Expect a bear trap to be planted there soon. Are we being too much nuisance? The neighbor will install surveillance monitoring in the house, which will let him follow our every footstep quickly.

Is the neighbor blocking access to a room we want to enter? Let’s switch on TV and hide in a closet. It will make him leave his post… so we can grab the precious key. Got it! But he did notice us. What now? We have to run.

Hello Neighbor: Stealth Horror Game for Download

This is a daily routine. For the constant fear of being caught Hello Neighbor is not only a stealth game. It is a horror stealth game. And although the graphics are far from being scary, the sounds of the AI approaching can terrify anyone.

The environmental puzzles are interesting if not unnerving. There is a grave in one room. Would we like to find out who or what is buried? If according to a picture clue we attach a bell to a post near the bell, we will be able to access the shovel. Once we dig the grave we find a coffin inside. Now we only need a crowbar…

What is our neighbor up to? Who is he? What secrets is he hiding? Why is there a shark swimming in one room upstairs? Is the basement portal to another world? The web is full of many theories. To find out you just need to play. The game was in early access for many months. It was released in alpha versions from alpha 1 to alpha 4. A demo of Hello Neighbor is also available for download on Steam. The full version is out since 8 December 2017.

Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where you try to break into your neighbor's apartment to find about his possibly dark secrets.
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