Sword With Sauce

Even though Sword With Sauce is no longer updated it is a fun first-person shooter/survival game. You can get this for just a couple of bucks and it is one very addictive game. You need to use weapons, gadgets and your cunning to try and take down all of the enemies!

How to Download Sword With Sauce

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the button below this review.

The Game Review

This is a first-person kind of game. Before you start a level, you need to pick what weapon you want and also your gadgets. There is not a ton of weapons to chose from, but the weapons that are here are fun to use. You also have over 20 gadgets to use, my personal favorite being these weird crabs that you can use to do your dirty work.

You need to kill every enemy in the level, that is the basic goal of the game, but you do have three different game modes to play. The basic game mode sees the enemies always being in the same place and you needing to figure out how to kill them all. Enemies can become aware of your presence by seeing blood, dead bodies or loud noises.

The next game mode is kind of the same thing. However, this time you have to get through each level without being detected! This is way harder than it sounds and really forces you to think about how you do things. The last game mode is a survival mode where enemies keep spawning in and you are required to survive as long as you can.

There are only five levels for you to play on. Even with the small number of levels, there is at least a lot of variety to them. My favorites levels are the dock with the shipping containers and the one that is like a little town with buildings you need to clear out. As a whole, there is not a ton of content in this game, but what is here is fun.

The actual gameplay is what makes this an addictive game. The gunplay feels great and I love how overpowered the machine gun is as picking people off with headshots is awesome. The swordplay is a bit harder to master, but slashing bullets is a great deal of fun and makes you feel like a real ninja.

As this is sold as still being an alpha version of the game (and it is not going beyond this) it is a little buggy. The platforming you have to do is good, but there can be issues on occasion with the collision detection during the gunplay. When this happens during a stealth section and you have to start over from the beginning it can be rather frustrating.

In all, I think that Sword With Sauce is a fun game and well worth trying. If you like first-person shooters, at just a couple of bucks you really have nothing to lose. This is the kind of game you can fire up every now and again, play for 30 minutes and have a great time. It is a real shame it is no longer being updated or supported as this could have been something extra special.

Sword With Sauce
Sword With Sauce is an enjoyable first-person shooter game. Download it now and become a deadly and sneaky ninja.
8.5 Total Score
Sword With Sauce Review Summary

  • I like the different gadgets
  • Each of the five levels feels unique
  • I like the basic art style of the game
  • The guns feel great to use
  • It requires a bit of brainpower to get through the stealth game mode
  • The game is no longer updated
  • Collision detection can be spotty in places
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