Journey truly is one of the most fascinating games I have ever played. Brought to us by the same studio that gave us Flower. Journey is one of those games that is great to play, but it is perhaps even better to talk about with others who have played it. I have played through the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game and have a wonderful time with each.

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The Game Review

Most people describe this game as a “walking simulator” and I guess that is probably the best way to think about it. The story here leaves a great deal to your imagination. You play as a strange person/entity in a robe that awakens in a desert and is drawn to make a journey to the top of a mountain.

The world the game is set in has you asking so many questions. The world was decimated by a war, a war that has left these dangerous machines around that want you dead! You come across little things here and there that give you a few breadcrumbs of story, but the real fun is the way your imagination runs wild.

I have had countless discussions with people over what the meaning/story of this game is and it is great how so many people can interpret it in different ways. You have very precise control over your character and you only have three things to worry about. You can jump, glide/fly for a brief time and make a strange communicating sound.

You have what is best described as some kind of magic scarf. This scarf if what lets you glide in the air and it can also be used to interact with the game world. This can alter things in some cases, but usually, it gives you more energy for your scarf so that you can glide some more.

It only takes a couple of hours at most to get through this game so it is very short. I would argue that the games short length is actually perfect though. There is a fantastic variety to the locations that your journey takes you on. My personal favorite being when you are underground as it can be pretty damn unnerving.

Journey also has a multiplayer component. This is very interesting in that it is always random who you play with and you and another player can just appear in the same world together. I once was playing through it with this person and we made it really far together, only for them to fall off a high area and be lost to me forever! I was genuinely bummed out that I would not be able to finish it with them.

I really cannot say anything that has not already been said a million times about Journey. It is a truly remarkable game and no matter how many times I play through it I am always left asking questions. It only takes a short while to get through so I would say it is the kind of game everyone should play through at least once.

Journey is an u northodox adventure game and a piece of art two-in-one. Download it now and experience the unforgettable.
9 Total Score
Journey Review Summary

  • One of the most memorable games of the last decade for me
  • The art style is very unique
  • Fantastic sound design
  • Playing with other people is a very interesting experience
  • I love the world and the little bit of lore that they give us
  • I can see how some people might not “get it”
  • Going from PS3 to PS4 is not the big graphical upgrade you would think
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