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As a massive fan of Life is Strange I was very excited for Dontnod’s next game Tell Me Why. The first thing I have to say is that the release schedule is much better this time around. Chapter 1 which I am looking at today was released on August 27th. The remaining two will be released in weekly intervals. I love Dontnod, but the length of time you had to wait in between episodes was always frustrating.

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The Game Review

One of the things that Tell Me Why is getting a ton of attention for is the character of Tyler. Tyler is the first playable transgender character in a game like this. It is handled very well and he is a character that I did like as I played through the first chapter. However, Dontnod has not used this as the main aspect of the game it is about far more than that.

The story is about two twins, Allison and Tyler who need to return to their childhood home in Alaska to get it ready to be sold. This was not exactly a home that was full of happy memories and being here stirs up some major feelings for them both. You see, Tyler and Allison were separated when they were young, after their mother was killed after she tried to kill Tyler.

Of course, in typical Dontnod fashion, things are not what they seem and there is far more to the story than this. The relationship between Tyler and Alisson is fantastic and while they are twins, they are both quite different. In Life is Strange 1 and 2 there is a “supernatural” element at play and that this the same here.

First of all, Tyler and Alisson can communicate with each other telepathically. The big “gimmick” though is their memories. When you are walking around, the controller will rumble and by holding RT, you can trigger a memory. What is cool about this is that you get to see some memories from Allison’s and Tyler’s point of view and you then get to choose which one you feel is correct.

The story is great and there is a section in the police station where you see something that gave me chills and also made me even more excited for chapter 2. The overall gameplay is very similar to what Life is Strange offers. Each section has you controlling either one of the twins and you walk around, talking to people, moving the conversation along, and also interacting with stuff.

This first chapter only has a few locations for you to look around, but I felt like each one made me feel like I knew Allison and Tyler better as well as moved the story along too. As this is an episodic game, it is not exactly long. You can replay it to get some of these collectible figurines if you want.

I know this is only the first part of the game, but I must say I am all in with this. If you have enjoyed Life is Strange 1 and 2, you are going to enjoy this. The game is very well made and I am legit excited to play the next chapter and figure out what the heck is going on here. It is currently available as part of Xbox Game Pass so be sure to give it a try.

Tell Me Why
Tell Me Why is a mystery adventure game from the makers of the acclaimed Life Is Strange. Download it now and follow the story of Tyler and Alison.
9 Total Score
Tell Me Why Review Summary

  • I thought that Tyler and Alisson were great characters
  • The setting of the game is great
  • The voice acting is fantastic
  • Tyler being trans is handled very well
  • It made me very excited to see how the story will play out
  • It did feel a tad short,
  • I am not sure I am interested in going back and collecting the figures
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