Emily Wants To Play Too

Emily Wants To Play Too (2017) is following on from where the first game (2015) left off. The original was a fun, but very short horror game. This time they have expanded the game out a great deal more and as a result. I found that this sequel felt more like a complete experience than its predecessor.

How to Download Emily Wants To Play Too

You can download the game by clicking on the Download button at the end of the review. You should know that Steam also offers a free demo of the game.

The Game Review

The story of the game is very strange, but that is to be expected. It takes place after the events of the first game so I like how they are building a universe here. This time you play as a sandwich delivery guy who is delivering to the Central Evidence center where the dolls from the first game were sent.

As you would expect, things are not what they would seem and you are in for a fight for survival as you try to make it all the way to 7 AM so you can escape. I really do like the lore behind this game and the way that this one has introduced three new characters to scare the heck out of you is awesome.

Adding new characters to the mix is a great idea. Weasel, Greta and the one who scared me to death, Maxwell Steele are all great additions to the game. Like the previous game, Emily Wants To Play Too has the dolls appear and you needing to “play a game” in order to ensure that they do not kill you. It starts easy enough, but when more than one doll comes into play things get very challenging.

Whereas the first game had you just going around the small house trying to survive. This time they have greatly expanded the game. Not just the fact that you now have two areas the game takes place in, but the fact that the playing area is far larger. Waling around is as tense as you would imagine and you are always scared to enter a new room.

Another way that Emily Wants To Play Too expands upon the first is with objectives. You no longer have to just survive hour to hour. You will also get tasks to do such as finding something or interacting with a specific object. It is not groundbreaking stuff, but it certainly makes things tenser when you have an objective to do as well as survive the dolls and their creepy games.

Once again, you are playing from the first-person point of view. I think that this is a decent enough looking game, but it does have a few graphical and technical bugs. I have seen dolls appear halfway in a closed-door and the controls can sometimes on rare occasions feel like they are fighting you. I am sure these issues will be addressed with future updates.

Emily Wants To Play Too is a fantastic sequel. If you liked the first game, you will love this! It takes what made that game scary and fun and expands on it in every way you could imagine. I genuinely hope that a third game gets made as I am fully invested in the world of Emily and these creepy dolls!

Emily Wants To Play Too
Emily Wants To Play Too is an adventure horror game. a follow-up to the highly popular original title. Download it now if you enjoy jump scares.
8.5 Total Score
Emily Wants To Play Too Review Summary

  • It improves on the first game in every way
  • New dolls to scare the hell of you
  • I liked the new story
  • Two endings
  • It has some awesome jump scares
  • It still needs a bit of polish
  • If the first game did nothing for you, you might feel the same about this
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