There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is something of a sequel to the original There Is No Game which was released a few years earlier. The thing with a game like this is that it is hard to convey the charm it has with words. If anything, I tell you today sounds remotely fun or interesting to you, play this game as you will love it.

How to Download There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

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The Game Review

You fire up the game and you are met with a title screen and a rather salty AI called GAME that tells you there is no game here and to go away. GAME starts out as the antagonist of the game and he wants you to leave him alone. You mess around on the title screen and all of a sudden it turns into a Breakout-style game.

The thing with There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is that this is a parody of many classic video games. The core gameplay is that of a point-and-click adventure game. However, the game is very much made for people who have been playing video games from the NES days all the way up till now.

The game has a tremendous Lucas Arts style Sherlock Holmes game where basically you are trying to make him lose his crap. It is hilarious stuff and the humor of the game is awesome if you are a gamer. Another level that I loved was The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past inspired level.

No matter the style of game that the level you are playing is based on you never take direct control. The game always remains a point-and-click style of game. As well as the “games” you also get to poke around in GAME’s files which is fun. Before long another entity pops up called Mr. Glitch and Mr. Glitch is the true enemy of the game.

You and GAME join forces and try to stop him and get GAME’s girl, GiGi back. That is right, just when you think that you have the game figured out it throws a love story your way. The voice acting here is fantastic and it made me actually see GAME as a buddy.

As an actual point-and-click game, I found this to be a great deal of fun to play. You basically click all around the screen, find something to interact with and then figure out what to do with it. There is a hint system on offer here for you, but a big part of the fun for me was trying t think outside of the box to try and solve some of the game’s funny puzzles.

I had an awesome time with this. I loved the way it poked fun at stuff like loot boxes, in-game ads and gave a nod to gaming’s past too. It lasts around five hours or so and I feel that length is perfect. I do hope that if they make another one of these, they let us actually take control of the games we are in.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is a fantastic point-and-click adventure game. Download it now and check out why the game itself is trying to discourage you from playing it!
10 Total Score
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Review Summary

  • The game has a great story
  • The voice acting is tremendous
  • Plenty of fantastic nods to various aspects of gaming
  • It has a love story that you kind of care about
  • I liked the kookiness of some of the puzzles
  • I wish you could take direct control of the games
  • Not the kind of game I would play through more than once
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