Football Manager 2021

Another year rolls by and once again the good folks at Sports Interactive and Sega are back with another Football Manager game. With Football Manager 2021, Sports Interactive are not radically changing things up. Instead, they are focusing on fixing and tweaking a bunch of smaller things which all add up to make this one of the best football manager games I have ever played.

How to Download Football Manager 2021

To download the game from Steam, click on the Download button located below this review. Check out also our reviews of the previous games from the series: Football Manager 2018, FM 2019, and FM 2020.

The Game Review

Let me start with the obvious, the goal is the same as it always has been. You pick your team and try to lead them to glory. I always start out with Tottenham Hotspur and Football Manager 2021 was no different. The amount of control over your team that the game gives you is just staggering.

I am sure for someone new to the series that this may seem daunting. However, it is fairly easy to find yourself in the right place in this game. Plus, there are always handy hints that pop up and let you know where you are and what you are doing. This year they have given you, even more, control over your club and there are two ways in which I really noticed this.

The first one is the best improvement to this year’s game when it comes to off the pitch activities. I am talking about transfers! You can now go directly to a player’s agent to see if they are available which saves you a whole week of waiting to find out. This along with the way you and the backroom staff can carefully and cleverly locate prime targets for what the club needs is awesome stuff indeed.

I probably could not go back to the way transfers used to be after using this new system. Another big change off the pitch is how you deal with the media, board, and your players. Communication plays a big part in this game and while eventually some of the things that are said do repeat. It is a huge step in the right direction of making you feel like you are dealing with actual real people.

The match engine has also been greatly improved. The game is much smarter in calculating what would most likely happen. As a result, matches feel far more realistic than ever before and they also look great too. Last year’s game had a few issues, most notably the insane amount of goals that were scored from crosses and set pieces, that has thankfully been fixed.

While some may think that Sports Interactive not radically changing things in this year’s game is lazy. I for one feel that all of the changes they have made were the right move. This is probably going to be the most addictive game in the series so far. While I played the PC version of the game, I am very excited to see what the Xbox versions have in store.

Football Manager 2021
Football Manager 2021 is the 17th game in the acclaimed series of football management sims. Download it now and lead your team to many victories.
9 Total Score
Football Manager 2021 Review Summary

  • It is the best game in the series so far
  • I love the way you deal with transfers
  • You feel like you are communicating with real people
  • The match engine feels much more lifelike now
  • It is going to steal hundreds and hundreds of hours from you
  • The Series X version sounds great, but the Xbox One version sounds a bit scaled back
  • It legit will take over your life!
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