Football Manager 2019

If you are an avid football fan then you’ve probably had more than one opinion about how a club is run. From the players that the team takes on to the general strategy employed on the field, you’ve probably developed a few ideas of your own that you would like to have the chance to try out on the pitch. In the downloadable Football Manager 2019 from Sega, you can do just that.

How to Download Football Manager 2019

To download the game or its equivalent Football Manager 2019 Touch (the release date is November 2, 2018) click on the Download link located at the end of this page. Football Manager 2019 can be obtained from Steam. FM 19 Touch can be played on Android and iOs.

Unfortunately, no demo of FM 19 is available as of the time of writing. You should also download and check out its previous edition Football Manager 2018.

It’s not the end of choice as far as soccer sims are concerned. For example. FIFA 18 has also a career mode where you can train your team and lead them from the bottom to the top. be sure also to check out the mobile Dream League Soccer 2018 and the very original turn-based football game Football Tactics & Glory.

The Game Review

Assuming the role of a prestigious club manager, Football Manager 2019 puts you in charge of the day-to-day operations of your very own club. Developed by Sports Interactive, this long running series is often renowned among gamers for its attention to simulation while also providing a nod to more arcade elements in the game.

This is because it isn’t all cut and dry simulation.

The game offers you the ability to sign up players, offer pep talks, manage general finances, as well as other things here and there. Your actions will be judged by an AI-controlled board of directors who will evaluate your tenure of the club. 

Winning matches and building a championship dynasty, of course, are the overarching goals but the beginning of the game will largely consume players time with the day-to-day tedium that plagues any small business owner. The financial simulation is itself, a constricting aspect of the title and will often deter rapid overexpansion or signing up for things you can’t afford. All of that is to say that Football Manager 2019 can be, at times, a slow and deliberate game.

Training options for your team are more varied in this edition than in those past ones. The addition of German Bundesliga teams is also a welcome crowd pleaser. 

The Graphics 

Graphically speaking, the game tends to be heavy on numbers and statistics and relegates a lot of the flash and flare to other titles. After all, you are assuming the role of a business manager and, as such, you’re more likely to stare at reams of spreadsheets than anything else.

This doesn’t mean that this manager is basic or ugly  the graphics merely serve the purpose for which they were made. That said, you do get a fair amount of detail in the style on offer and everything is crystal clear and easy to understand. Of special note in this regard is the user interface which is not only masterfully designed but also conducive to quick play. 

Football Manager 2019: the User Interface

Often in simulation titles, the UI is overly complicated and cumbersome. This is not the case in Football Manager 2019 and it seems like the lessons of the past are being liberally applied in this edition.  

The Music and Sound Effects 

In terms of sound and music, Football Manager 2019, again, remains serviceable without being basic. The sound, in particular, stands out in this title but the music is nonexistent or bland and uninspired at best. This is to be expected since the game doesn’t draw its audience from those looking for a hot soundtrack and its more considered OST is likely more appropriate in the end.

Football Manager 2019
Football Manager 2019 is a soccer simulator. Download the game, enjoy the refreshed look and the official Bundesliga license. Lead your club to success.
9.5 Total Score
Football Manager 2019 Review Summary

  • Take your own club to the top
  • Gameplay anyone can understand
  • Appealing to more than just football fans
  • A time sink
  • Tournaments and other mechanics make little sense sometimes
  • It’s a long road to anything meaningful
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