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Ok, so it is kind of harsh to review a beta so think of this as a first-impressions kind of deal in regards to what we can expect from this year’s FIFA. After spending a great deal of time with each FIFA since the original on the Sega Mega Drive, I have seen all that this franchise has to offer. EA Sports have been in a very solid groove lately with each game being good and that looks like it is continuing here.

How to Download FIFA 22 Beta

The beta is closed, not open and you can download it if you are one of the selected players. Meanwhile, click on the Download button to check the availability of downloading or preordering the final version for the platform of your choice.

The Game Review

The Beta for FIFA 22 as you would expect is not the full game, instead of focusing on Career Mode and that is fine by me as that is my favorite mode. The big change this year is that you can create your very own club from scratch! This is really awesome and it entails far more than I thought it would.

There are many things that go into creating a club. You get to name your club, design your kit, build your stadium, and set your goals from a large selection of options. These options range from how much money you have, your clubs’ goals, and many other options. You get to choose which league your club competes in, but you do have to pick a team to replace.

You can also play as an already established team or as a single player as well. I spend hundreds of hours in career mode each year and I have to be honest and say that not a great deal has changed. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but the presentation and the whole layout of the mode are pretty much the same as they were in FIFA 21.

You still have to do press conferences, set up training sessions, buy and sell players, keep players happy, and so on. If you love what FIFA’s career mode has offered in the past 5 years or so, you will love this. I get that some will be disappointed there are no major changes, but I am glad they did not reinvent the wheel just for the sake of doing so.

There is one thing that they fixed which I am very happy about! I did notice that I had far fewer transfers break down because a player I was trying to sell would not accept terms with a new club so that was a big positive. The whole scouting of players seems to happen at a bit of a quicker rate too which is another small but welcomed improvement.

If you have followed the development of FIFA 22 one of the buzz words you would have heard from EA Sports is “hypermotion”! This is the kind of thing that from a video you cannot appreciate. From a video point of view, I have no doubt many people will think that FIFA 22 is the same game as 21, 20, and 19! However, when you have the controller in your hand it does feel different.

The way this game plays is fantastic! The players feel like they react faster and are more fluid, I also found that they do not get tired as quickly as well. It is the kind of thing that is very hard to explain, but as someone who plays a lot of FIFA, I can tell you it feels different. The striking of the ball also feels different, it just has a much more satisfying feel to it.

I have spent most of the past weekend playing the FIFA 22 beta for PlayStation 5 and I am very happy with it. They have kept what has made this the premier football series for the last decade intact. Yet, they have tightened things up and made the game more fluid and fast-paced. Add to this the fact you can now create your very own club and I think that FIFA 22 is shaping up very nicely.

FIFA 22 is a fantastic soccer game. Take control of your team of eleven players and lead them to many victories. Get the game now.
9 Total Score
FIFA 22 Review Summary

  • The way you can make a new football club is really cool
  • On the pitch, this game feels fantastic!
  • I love the way shooting feels in this game
  • Players are much easier to sell than they were in last years game
  • If past FIFA games did nothing for you, I do not see this changing your mind
  • The presentation in career mode is pretty much the exact same it has been the last few years
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