Skater XL

Skater XL is a simulation game based on the sport of skateboarding. It is developed and produced by Easy Day Studios Pty Ltd. The game is only available in early access which was officially released on 19th December 2018.

How to Download Skater XL

You can get the game from the Steam digital store. To start downloading, hit the Download button located below this review.

The Game Review

Skater XL features a gameplay style which enables players to control a person on a skateboard who can traverse throughout the map during which, they perform numerous skateboard stunts. The game is considered to be an evolution in skateboarding games and is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows.

Having only been released in its beta state up till now, this title offers a promising gameplay design. The game only offers one type of game mode where players can freely roam around the map and perform different stunts.

The main character can be seen in third-person view and players have full control over the position and movement of the skateboard. Since the game is only available to play in early access mode, the game does not feature any missions or tasks as of yet. The game simply begins with the character available to play in what seems to be a skateboarding park.

As part of the evolution, Skater XL offers a unique style of gameplay in the sense that it provides players with intuitive controls. The graphics design looks phenomenal as every aspect of the skateboard and the character is available to explore.

Players, by learning the basic controls, can perform numerous stunts that seem all too real. By mastering the basics, players can further enhance their skills to perform unique stunts depending upon the path and surroundings.

Apart from the skateboarding action, it is also important to note here how the production team has managed to significantly improve the overall graphical layout of the game.

Even in the demo mode, it is easy to notice how the surroundings are much more detailed. This, in turn, has increased user interaction by enabling players to perform stunts anywhere around the map. The stunts can be adjusted and shifted from one angle to another. An example includes how players can suddenly elevate their characters to the higher ground simply by jumping and balancing themselves as they move forward.

Apart from the improvements made to the gameplay, Skater XL has a specific aspect that is necessary to adapt in order to play the game.

Despite being only available to play on PCs, the game is only compatible with controllers belong to specific consoles including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Skater XL is not designed to be played using a standard QWERTY computer keyboard.

Skater XL
Skater XL lets you train skateboarding. Download the game, take control of the board, learn tricks and create your own style.
8.5 Total Score
Skater XL Review Summary

Overall, Skater XL is a game which truly emulates the extreme sport of skateboarding. It generates lifelike graphics which is topped up with diverse gameplay in the form of stunts. Being only available in early access so far, Skater XL has set its standards up top for when the full version will be released.

  • Flexibility in gameplay which allows players to perform diverse stunts
  • Realistic graphics providing players with detailed surroundings within the map
  • No real missions or tasks to complete, leaving players to only roam around till they become bored
  • Is not compatible with a keyboard, thereby restricting its gameplay to only those who own a console controller
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Windows 7
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