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PDF Unshare 1.0

PDF Unshare is a program used for protecting PDF and UPDF files. Using this software, you can easily secure your data with authorization settings. That means no one will be able to copy or edit your files without your permission. Plus, the main purpose of this application is to keep your documents safe from prying eyes.

Hence, if you are worried that unauthorized users can copy your data, don’t panic because this tool will easily manage your details. The interface of this app is simple and user-friendly.

Moreover, this program is ideal for various organizations looking for simple encryption solutions to protect their information.  The advantage of using this program is that it doesn’t use a password to lock your PDF files; instead, it uses encryption keys. Other than that, the encryption keys are hard to find because they are stored in individual devices, so no one can copy them. Do you want to know more about this software? Continue reading for more information.

How to Download PDF Unshare

To download the program for your Windows, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Program Review

PDF files contain important information that needs to be kept safe. However, for that purpose, you need a tool that should protect your information in any case. So, we recommend you try PDF Unshare, which doesn’t allow unauthorized users to check your information. It is a secure data protection application that doesn’t require any technical skills. Also, it provides all the information about the files that you share with other users.

Users can easily view files on different devices, including PC, Laptops, Android, iPad, etc. It also allows you to add a watermark, so others can’t steal your important information. In case you didn’t like the watermark’s default color, don’t worry because you can easily change it according to your preference.

The Key Features of PDF Unshare

Let’s have a look at its necessary features.

Security Watermark Text

Users can easily set the watermark text and colors for the files. Even you are allowed to change the text color and customize it according to your requirements. Adding watermarks will secure your data, and others can’t copy or take screenshots of it.

Generation of Activity Log

Using this feature, users can easily get an idea about which files are protected and which are not. It’s a good element for those who want to get idea about different files. Even it shows the information when the files were protected and unprotected.

Add Expiration Date

You can set the PDF expiry date so when it is expired; no one can view it. The publishers are allowed to set the date and time.

Support for Different Formats

It provides support for two different formats, including UPDF and PDF.

Support for Various Languages

You can easily change the language of the interface.

Portable Version

In case you don’t want to follow the installation process, don’t worry because PDF Unshare it has a portable version as well that you can download easily from the website. This setup is quick and doesn’t require any installation process. Just extract the zip and use it on your device.

PDF Unshare
PDF Unshare lets you prevent your PDF files from being shared, printed, edited, or copied. Download it now.
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