PDF Software

Portable Document Format, abbreviated as PDF, is a digital file format that is used to display and print text and graphics content. It was created and made available on a large scale by Adobe Systems. It can be saved on any storage media. We distinguish four types of programs (PDF software) for handling different PDF-related tasks. These are:

PDF converters,
PDF creators,
PDF editors,
and PDF viewers.

With such a division we now should explain how these programs differ,  what capabilities they have and whether they are free.

Each of the programs listed below is fast and easy to use. Many programs can add text comments, have options such as for comparing, and highlighting fragments of content that the user chooses. Unfortunately, some of these features require you to pay for them,

Free programs usually offer only the basic capability to edit the formatting of the text without changing the content. You can change the font, its size or style (such as bold or underlined). Let us now discuss the use of the four types of programs for PDF.

PDF converter is a software that allows you to change the format of documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, as well as any other formats, for example, you will be able to turn images into PDF formats. It is also possible to convert from PDF. An example of a converter is the free Nitro PDF Reader.

PDF creators are designed to create PDF files from any Windows application that has a printing function. Free PDF creators are, for example, CutePDF or PDFCreator.

PDF editors are used to create and edit PDF documents. It is necessary to mention here Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, and Nitro PDF Pro.

However, PDF viewers only offer the option of viewing a PDF file. This type of software includes Adobe Reader, Ghostview, as well as Internet browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

PDF Anti-Copy

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PDFCreator 3.4.0

PDFCreator 3.4.0

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