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PDF-XChange Editor SDK 9.3.361.0

PDF-XChange Editor SDK is a ready-to-incorporate product of PDF-XChange Editor that was also released by the Tracker Software. The software allows its users to embed the ability to create and manipulate PDF files within their own software that was developed in the context of MS Windows.

The software also provides a number of additional features to its users that range from PDF Creation, searching, rendering, editing to decoding. Users can now utilize their preferred programming environments with the PDF-XChange Editor SDK to create their own software that seamlessly allows users to work with PDF’s, digital signatures and even give users the ability to develop custom plugins for the PDF-XChange Editor.

How to Download PDF-XChange Editor SDK

To start downloading the product, click on the Download button at the end of this review. Once downloaded, the setup is pretty straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes depending on the performance of your computer. If you have purchased a license for the PDF-XChange Editor SDK you can then cash it in to get the full product unlocked.

The Program Review

After around a week of use, we have felt that the software’s complexity depends solely upon the task you are incorporating it with. If you are a student, teacher, or someone that works around with PDFs in their most basic forms, the PDF-XChange Editor SDK will be invaluable yet pretty easy to manage. If you are a programmer the complexity may vary depending on the depth of incorporating the software’s features with your own.

The PDF-XChange Editor SDK is a mass-licensed program which is why the pricing starts at a hefty $4995, the smallest distribution package comes in at 50000 CDLP which ultimately sums up to 0.10/seat which is not bad at all. Although the license is not a one time purchase it requires an annual renewal which is priced significantly less when compared to the original price of the PDF-XChange Editor SDK coming in at only $1248.75 for a year’s worth and only $1873.13 for a 2-year renewal on the license.

Features of the Software

The list of features that are built into the PDF-XChange Editor SDK is vast as it includes the features that come along with its twin software the regular PDF-XChange Editor. So, it is better to look at what is new in the software when compared to its predecessor.

  • PDF-XChange Editor SDK has sophisticated object-oriented API Libraries,
  • It has a wide array of newly added functions, methods, objects, and properties,
  • Improvements to the editor’s functionality through complete flexibility when adding in custom components such as file converters, tools, security handlers, annotations, file systems, and so on,
  • Reliable methods for content creation and modification,
  • Ability to create fillable forms and stamps programmatically,
  • RTL Support and native imaging functions,
  • Ability to create and design developer plugins for developers’ applications and also create plugins for any version of the PDF-XChange Editor that is fully licensed,
  • PDF security features that include 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES Encryption Passwords,
  • Inclusion of a complete JavaScript engine

These are not the only features in the PDF-XChange Editor SDK software, but the most recent additions and stand out features that separate it from its twin software. It should be noted that the PDF-XChange Editor SDK has all the features that come along with the PDF-XChange Editor as well.

Software Alternatives

While the PDF-XChange Editor is the cream of the crop users can find certain alternatives that fit the category that it falls into.


Foxit PDF SDK is an application that is similar to the PDF-XChange Editor SDK. It is a powerful software that has core API in C++, Java, and C# which can be used in rendering annotation, viewing, signing, protecting, and managing forms in PDFs. With its full core API, the Foxit PDF SDK comes in with sample codes and in-depth-demos for assistance.

Quick PDF Library 17

Developed by Debenu and Foxit, the quick PDF Library 17 is a powerful PDF SDK that has similar features to the Foxit PDF SDK and PDF-XChange Editor SDK. However, its main difference is how the licenses are sold; as it depends on the developers’ platforms instead of the CDLP like in PDF-XChange Editor SDK.


First of all, it should be told that the price of the PDF-XChange Editor SDK does not come in cheap as it built towards users that incorporate a large client base. So, if you are someone with a moderate to low client base, then this option may not be suitable for you as it might be out of your budget range.

However, if the packages do fit your numbers, where your user needs and user volumes are modest then I doubt you would be able to find a product that gives so much value for your buck as the PDF-XChange Editor SDK. The price per seat along with the features and flexible options it provides is truly uncontested at the moment giving outstanding values for any developers.

Tracker Software does allow its users to try out the software for free through a demo version of the licensed product, that does have all the features unlocked but has distribution restrictions through mandatory watermarks that are embedded in the final product. If the user requires to remove the software watermark on their final product then they will be faced with the option of having to purchase a license.

Overall, the product has won numerous awards and has gained a large population of satisfied customers over its years making it a safe and reliable option to go with if you are a developer that is in need of an application that provides all the required features in one bundle.

PDF-XChange Editor SDK
PDF-XChange Editor SDK is a developer tool that lets you build your own portable document format editor. Download it and check it out.
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