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First Name Gender Processor 1.12

I have a rather interesting and strange program to talk to you guys about today, the First Name Gender Processor. I have played around with this for a while now and looked over the website many times. However, I must admit, despite what I have read on the site, for a long time I was not 100 percent sure what the point of this was or who exactly it was for. Then I thought that perhaps people who have large databases of names might want to figure out which of them are male and female and how to properly address those individuals.

As you can imagine the target users pool of this program is severely limited but on the other hand, those who do need it might find it invaluable.

How to Download First Name Gender Processor

You can download the program by clicking the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also other tools from Infonautics such as Screen Capture + Print, Directory List & Print, or Copy Files With Dates.

The Program Review

On the site, they try to tell you what this is for. They mention on the site that the First Name Gender Processor is great for not having to upload sensitive data to various forms that you may have to fill in. It also states that it is ideal if you have a list of names for “mailings” I guess for some people this program is going to be very handy, but I do think it is a very niche audience that is going to find this useful.

From what I understand under the hood of the First Name Gender Processor is a massive database of over 180,00 first names. What this does is automatically put what should go in front of the name, Mr. or Mrs. for example. It can also work with last names and prefixes as well.

I am sure for some it could be pretty handy as it can add in a Prof or a Dr. to a name or even add in something after the last name such as the third or junior. It does what it does through Excel and the first time I fired up the program I have to admit, I had no freaking clue what I was looking at.

You have over 10 different options on the main screen of the program when you fire up so there is certainly a learning curve to using the First Name Gender Processor. To be fair, this is a piece of software that I pretty much have zero use for and I have not had to deal with anything like this so it could be just me being a moron and not “getting it”.

It does have some handy features that could be useful. It will let you preview the changes it has made before saving them so you can fix any errors that may have happened. It also has a drag-and-drop function, but as I struggled with the actual program, I did not mess around with this feature at all.

As this is a niche product, it does mean that they have to charge for it. You can download a free trial, but to use all of the features and get access to the updates, you have to pay. There are five different payment methods starting with one PC which will cost you 28 Euro/34 Dollars all the way up to Corporate which is for 11 plus PCs and will cost you 220 Euro/268 Dollars, so it is pretty expensive.

I am not saying that the First Name Gender Processor is bad or anything like that, but it is certainly a program that I would wager most people will have no use for. I found it tricky to use and I could not really figure out what the point of it was. To be fair, that could be on me and I am sure for certain people, this is going to be a very handy program, if not a potential life-saver.

First Name Gender Processor
First Name Gender Processor is a tool that lets you separate first name and surname from a list of names provided in an Excel document. It will also determine the gender of each person on the list. Download it now.
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First Name Gender Processor Review Summary

  • They do offer a free trial
  • It was kind of cool how it just knew what gender names were
  • It can also add things to a surname as well
  • For the right person, I am sure this is going to be a great piece of software
  • I would wager that for 99 percent of the population, this is of no use at all
  • The pricing for this seems very high to me
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