Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? is a downloadable action game. This game should be called Crazy Frog because everything is amazingly crazy. This game is developed by Fayju. It was released on November 24, 2014, for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This is an open game such as Grand Theft Auto based on minigames or mini-tasks.

How to Download Amazing Frog?

You can download the game from the Steam platform. To start downloading click on the button at the end of this review. Sadly the game is not available for download on PS4 or Xbox One. If you want to see the definite coverage of the game go over to YouTube and watch the videos by Pungence. There are over 150 of them at the time of writing.

The Game Review

The game is made for a single player but there is also the possibility to play it multiplayer with split-screen. Amazing Frog? sets in Swindinshire, in England they say. It’s based upon hilarious circumstances and ridiculous characters like the frog itself.

There are several places you can go, like downtown, the beach, and even the moon. You can select the outfit of your character and unlock some features as the game goes on. The graphics and sounds are incredibly simple.

I compare them with games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. However, it seems that is not the purpose of the game, developers wanted to make a game that looks simple but has something special on it: extremely hilarious situations. You can find Underground Zombie Frogs in the Sewers for example.

Pigs appear all over the game, the funny thing about it is that you can ride on them and if you throw some at a gigantic toilet you can make them bigger.

The game is on Steam, it’s easy to download and you can play it without high requirements on your computer, it has poor graphics but this is an advantage point for some people as it is going to be run efficiently for most computers.

Amazing Frog? Gameplay

It’s an open gameplay, you can go first to some place and then to the other without altering anything at all. You can travel walking, flying on a jetpack and you can even ride on pigs. That’s what makes this game so funny because you find that everything is crazy.  You can make things bigger by throwing them into a toilet and then it gets bigger with a shower of shit!

You can jump into trampolines, get thrown by cannons, jump into space in a rocket. Everything in it is funny and crazy. There is a mission in the game where you need to go to the moon to get a magic plunger that is produced up there but our character needs to go there and get it in order to go back Earth again and clean a toilet.

On another mission you make that a giant worm explodes on Moon, things like that make this game something special because all those ridiculous things you don’t find them quite often in other games. There are some fun places like the Test rooms where you can jump in trampolines, make some moves, etc.

This game is also good because of so many explosives in the game. Be careful with sharks on the beach, because they will like to eat your crazy frog meat every time you get in there. You can play a chess game on a gigantic chess table, you can visit fart gyms to get your farting powers stronger, you can unlock the Shit face for your character. Play the game alone or do it as a party with the limit of 4 players for each computer in split mode.

Reception and critic reviews

It’s not a popular game but some people have enjoyed it because of hilarious and crazy situations in the game. Some of the YouTubers have liked so much this game because they can make videos doing some crazy stuff.

Amazing Frog?
Amazing Frog? is an amazing sandbox where you can do pretty much what you like. Download it and see why it is so hilarious.
9 Total Score
Amazing Frog? Review Summary

This is a funny game, it is simple on its graphics but the game is intended to make us laugh, you will find every stupid situation in the game, thus this is something really enjoyable. This is like a GTA but in a funnier and crazier way. Some players have praised the multiplayer capability of this game, that is something that add another dimension to this game, even though it is on split screen you get the chance to invite your friend or sentimental partner (yes! A frog couple in the game is possible) and that adds fun to it.

  • Extremely funny
  • Doesn’t require a powerful PC to play
  • Poor graphics
  • Perhaps too easy
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