Baldi’s Unreal Basics in Education and Learning (COMPLETE)

Baldi’s Unreal Basics in Education and Learning is an indie horror game developed and published by Obsidious. This is an Unreal engine take on the classic Baldi’s Unreal Basics in Education and Learning by Micah McGonigal. The Unreal engine version of the game just like its predecessor is set in a haunted school environment where players get to play a character who is suffering from a nightmare. The main aim for the players is to traverse through the school and gather around seven notebooks (hello, Slender: The Eight Pages) that can apparently help them wake up from their nightmare. The game was released on 11th September 2018 and is available to play on the platform of Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Baldi’s Unreal Basics in Education and Learning

You can download the game for free by clicking on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is also hosted at GameJolt.

The Game Review

Baldi’s Unreal Basics is a short and simple horror game that features around four individual chapters. It is only available to play in the single-player mode where the players get to play as George, a character who had fallen into a coma after a horrific accident that took place.

The storyline now revolves around a lifeless George, who becomes stuck in a nightmare around his school, and has to go back inside and help his friend by collecting seven notebooks – each of which contains three mathematics problems. The gameplay begins as Baldi –-a school teacher within the premises – appears in the game and makes George solve mathematical problems.

Following this, Baldi explains how he needs to find the remaining notebooks and solve the questions within them. Initially, the problems displayed are quite easy, however, as the game progresses, some of the mathematical problems become very complex and difficult to solve, hence it may even require a bit of internet search!

Once the players succeed in collecting the notebooks, Baldi reappears and congratulates George on managing to solve all the problems. The players then have to find the exit point in order to escape into reality. This itself is a challenging task as some of the exits appear to be fake and only one of them is the real doorway that will lead to salvation.

Since this is a horror game, Visage features sequences that can truly be terrifying. Throughout the game, several entities suddenly show up on the screen such as rope skipping girl, the principal, a giant talking broom, bullies, and a hug-loving cyborg on wheels.

Although the game features no such combat with these entities, the players are still required to avoid them as they constantly try to prevent the player’s character from reaching his goals. Apart from that, there are numerous items and objects that players interact with, which they can further use to progress in the game. All these items are stored and can be accessed through the player’s inventory.

Overall, Baldi’s Unreal Basics in Education and Learning is a creative game that is still in its early stages. According to the creators, future updates will feature more protagonist and antagonist characters, items, newly generated rooms, and updated mechanics.

The current version, however, in its own entirety is something that is both entertaining and scary at the same time. Along with providing jump scares that can genuinely make the players scream, it also features mathematical problems that can test the player’s mental intelligence.

Baldi's Unreal Basics in Education and Learning
Baldi's Unreal Basics in Education and Learning is an action horror game. Download it for free and escape the school before you get killed.
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