Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a downloadable 1st/3rd person shooter, based on the battle royale genre, with some building elements to go along with it all. Originally released on the 3rd August 2018 on PC, the game is also available on mobile devices and was developed by Titan Studio, a team known only for this game as of right now. As you drop down onto the wonderful playground below you, you’ll be pitted up against 100 other players, all of which want the first-place victory for themselves!

How to Download Creative Destruction

The game can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The is also a Windows version. To download Creative Destruction for PC click on the link below the review.

The Game Review

Since there’s a complete lack of story, let’s focus on the game’s visual prowess instead. Similarly, to Fortnite, the game has a bright, vibrant color scheme to give the player a fun and somewhat whimsical art style that makes playing the game a visual treat. Due to the game being ported over to PC via mobile, the visuals aren’t quite as strong as they could be, but for the most part, manages to hold strong even on PC.

At the start of each game, all 100 players are expected to dive headfirst out of a flying vehicle, onto anywhere in the vast open space of the map. Once they get close to hitting the ground, they’ll get out their glider and slow their descent, very much like in Fortnite. From there, players are expected to go out into the world, looking for loot, resources, and other players to kill and steal their stuff, providing they have the skill to manage it. The game doesn’t end until there is only one player left standing and thus they will be crowned the winner.

Playing like a mix of 3rd person and 1st person perspectives, the game is primarily played in a 3rd person perspective but can be switched into 1st person in cases where you would like more accuracy with your weapon.

At any point, you’re free to change perspectives for whatever reason, and this is half of the strategy of the game: knowing when to switch and when it’s the most optimal to be either in 1st or 3rd person. Outside of these perspectives, building is a major part of the whole game. You are equipped with a special weapon that sucks the materials out of different objects, which can then be used to create different building objects, such as ramps and walls to give that added level of complexity to the game.

Creative Destruction has clearly borrowed a lot of its inspiration from PUBG and Fortnite, with Fortnite being the biggest one. PUBG (available also in a mobile version) has always had a 3rd person/1st person perspective game mode for players to switch between, ever since the beginning, and pretty much everything else about Creative Destruction is in some way also in Fortnite. Dropping out of a flying vehicle at the top of the map, gliding, building, collecting building resources, and many other similarities are what put Fortnite on the map initially, with Creative Destruction hoping to do the same.

Anyone that’s on the lookout for a new battle royale game on either mobile or PC that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then Creative Destruction is a great game for you. It has a lot of what you want from some of the other more popular battle royale games while providing enough of a change to prevent it from feeling like a complete copy.

Creative Destruction
Creative Destruction is another battle royale game but with a twist. With a special weapon, you can destroy anything. Download the game and use your Destructor in a creative way.
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