Cuphead is a downloadable extraordinary two-dimensional action game, created to resemble Disney cartoons from the 1930s. The player assumes the role of the character named Cuphead, who as a result of an unfortunate combination of events signs a contract with the devil and becomes his debt collector. The game is the debut project of the StudioMDHR. The game premiered on September 29, 2017, and is available on PCs with Windows and on Microsoft Xbox One console.

How to Download Cuphead

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To start, click the Download button at the end of the review.

The Storyline

Cuphead plot is just the beginning of the game and serves merely as an introduction. At the beginning of the game, you learn that the main character, who has a weakness for gambling, loses his own soul, which he promises to give to the devil. To get his soul back, Cuphead will have work it off. To this end, he will have to take become a debt collector for the devil.

The hero of the game looks like a character from old American animated cartoons. Just like characters from the TV screen, the guy will easily get into troubles, while most of his problems, as it happens, will be due to his own weaknesses.

The Mechanics of Cuphead

From a mechanical side, the Cuphead is a mix of two-dimensional fighting, a platform game and a shoot ’em up run and gun. The whole game is based on battles with bosses in locations well known from classic platform games. One-on-one duels are fought on two-dimensional arenas, and a wide range of weapons is used to defeat the enemy. The game requires logical thinking and tactical approach to each opponent. Each of the bosses has a unique style of fighting and to defeat him, you will have to work out an appropriate system, looking for enemy weak spots. The level of difficulty is raised by the fact that each of the bosses has an artificial intelligence and learns your style, trying to outsmart you.

Cuphead is a game with a high level of difficulty, which is compensated by the fact that you can complete each of the levels an infinite number of times. Also, the number of your lives is not limited. The creators of the game have not forgotten about the multiplayer mode, thanks to which you can defeat the bosses (who are much stronger) in the co-op mode.

The Graphics and the Sound

Cuphead stands out not only thanks to its non-standard mechanics but also, and perhaps above all, its looks and its sound. The entire graphics layer of the game, from the background to the animation, brings to mind classic cartoons. Often during the game, you get the impression that you are in fact watching an original TV cartoon. It shows that the developers of the game have done their job professionally. All animations were hand drawn on paper, as was the case with all the Disney cartoons. In addition, the backgrounds have been hand painted, while a real jazz band is responsible for the audio. To make the game more similar to older films, special filters have been used that make the production look older. It seems as if the footage was slightly damaged.

Cuphead is an action game that focuses on boss fights in locations reminiscent of old animated films. Download the game today and have fun.
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