God of War III Remastered

God of War III is a single player game designed for Play Station 3 and 4. The developers of the game are SCE Santa Monica Studio, and the publishers are Sony Computer Entertainment. This game is the fifth installment and the sequel to God of War II. It was released on 16 March 2010, while the remastered PS4-only version saw the light of day in July 14, 2015on

The genre of the game is a mixture of action and adventure. GoW III has a gameplay that is much similar to the previous installments of the God of War series. The motif of the game is based on revenge in which the main character, Kratos has to fight various monsters, gods, and Titans as he searches for the Pandora which is the only way to end Zeus’ Reign.

Download God of War III Remastered

You can download the game from PlayStation Store. To begin click on the Download button at the end of the review.

God of War III Review

The story of the game is such that you play as Kratos who has to climb Mount Olympus. With the guidance of Athena’s spirit he sets for the journey of looking for Pandora without whom he cannot open the Pandora box. The game is seen to progress through a number of different locations that are all a part of the Greek mythology. The different settings seen are on Mount Olympus, the tomb of Ares, the city of Olympia, the Path of Eos, several Palaces of the Gods and the Labyrinth.

Other than Kratos who is the protagonist in the game, the player will also come across Athena who will constantly guide him through the game, Zeus who is the antagonist Kratos will be fighting against, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Helios, Hera, Aphrodite, and messengers of the Gods. To help get through the game, the player is equipped with many weapons and magical powers. The weapons used are:

  • Blades of Athena are chained weapons used in the first part of the game, however, they are later replaced by the Blades of Exile.
  • Blades of Exile are the new upgraded version of the previous blades set. They symbolize Kratos exile from the Spartan Army and also from the Titans.
  • Claws of Hades are only achieved after killing Hades and are used to raise souls from the underworld to help Kratos.
  • Blade of Olympus is the mighty weapon that Kratos usually uses for his one-hit kill to finish off his opponents.
  • Nemean Cestus are the two large gauntlets that work similarly to the Gauntlet of Zeus.
  • Nemesis Whip is the weapon that can generate power in mechanical devices.

The other items used in the game are Bow of Apollo, Head of Helios and Boots of Hermes all of which contribute in their unique way to help Kratos win his fight. Kratos can also further use certain magical powers to cause a vortex of energy that protects him from his enemies.

The game displays many puzzles and adventurous tasks that the user can easily manage to complete with the help of the easily controllable moves and weapons that you acquire as you go through the game.

God of War III Remastered

God of War III is a hack and slash PlayStation game set deeply in the world of Greek mythology. Download the game, play as Kratos (who is god of war) and find Pandora.

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