God of War

God of War is an outstanding action-adventure game series. The latest God of War title is bringing in more complex approach towards the character. Instead of seeing Kratos in its prime, we see him as an older man with his son, as he tries to eliminate new enemies. The interesting thing is that this time God of War is focused on Norse mythology, so you do get to identify new ideas and experiences.

How to Download God of War

To download God of War game (we are talking here about the one released on April 20, 2018, note that the original God of War was released in 2005 and was available for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita) head over to PlayStation Store. To begin – click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

There are some interesting changes brought into the mix with God of War. You have an over the shoulder camera this time around. The previous games had a cinematic camera, this one is all about offering you a more immersive way to play with the character. Also unlike the other games, Kratos doesn’t have his chains. What he has is a magic battle ax that can return to him.

The ax is great for a variety of combos and it can easily be adapted to the play style. This time the game also has various RPG elements that are seamlessly added to the mix. Plus, you have Atreus which is the son of Kratos. He offers assistance as you play, something that’s extremely important for the game especially at the latter level.

The interesting thing to keep in mind is that you access the Norse region, but you get to see that well before the Vikings. This offers a very interesting scope to the game, and it also helps ease up the experience by offering you a unique sense of ideas and accomplishment as you go along.

As you play you can acquire the Hacksilver, a component for crafting or for getting new items. In addition, you can find upgrades, and these can be used to make your weapon and your armor a lot better. Moreover, you can have enchantments in the game as well as various special items that help you increase the rage and the health meters.

You still have some quick time events, but these are toned down. They are still a part of the experience, but not as intrusive as they once were with the previous game. Atreus has runic attacks, and those can be used to summon some spectral animals too. These will help make the entire experience a lot more comprehensive and rewarding.

The battles are spectacular and there’s still a cinematic appeal to them. The game is more focused on individual encounters, and that means you won’t have the huge 1v30 battles from the previous entries. You can still enjoy some major battles, but this time battles are more personal.

God of War is an evolution when compared to the previous games, and it brings a new perspective over the lore and gameplay from the previous titles. It’s an interesting experience that brings in new ideas and many new lore elements to the series. In addition, it offers six of the nine realms of the Norse mythology ready to explore whenever you want.

God of War
God of War is a PS4 only action-adventure title. In this third-person game you control Kratos, the God of War together with his son Atreus. Together they have to clash against many mighty opponents in the fantasy world from the Norse mythology. Download the game to wield a magical battle axe.
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