Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a 2D, user-created, physics-based pseudo-platformer that is developed by Fancy Force, a team known only for Happy Wheels. The game is a browser-based game on PC and was originally released on the 4th June 2010. Happy Wheels takes the level-creation that games like Little Big Planet was originally known for and then turned up the physics and the violence all the way up to 11!

How to Download Happy Wheels

To download Happy Wheels on your iOS device go to the Apple App Store. You can also play the game online in a browser. Click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Review

Ever since day one, Happy Wheels was never once about the story and it’s stayed that way through its 8-year development cycle. Instead, the game revolves around the player getting to the end of each level, however, they can muster it, regardless of how much or how little damage they manage to sustain throughout the level.

With Happy Wheels, one of the biggest draws to the game has and always will be the physics-based violence and platforming that players get to enjoy right from the very offset. Every action a player takes in this game will cause their chosen character and their vehicle to move in some sort of way. Whenever something seems to go wrong in Happy Wheels, though, that’s when the violence really starts to pick up. Any damage the character takes will result in them screaming and their blood sprawling across the level in classic, cartoony action.

Available to the player at any one time is hundreds of thousands of different levels, all of which have been personally developed by players. Depending on just how well the level is developed, players can upvote or downvote individual levels to allow for the greatest levels to shine through, and the worst ones to be left in the dust.

Gameplay in the game is fairly standard. Before each level, the player is given the option to pick and choose from several different characters, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and physics tied to them. To navigate through the level, the player must tilt, lean, jump, and avoid through a myriad of different deadly obstacles, all of which are going to leave a nasty mark. If the player dies during the level, they must restart and try it again, but considering how quick most of these levels are designed to be, it’s not a big concern when restarting a level.

Some of the biggest comparisons that can be drawn for this game is going to have to be a combination of Little Big Planet, due to its heavy focus on user-created levels. The other game the developers seem to have taken inspiration from is Ubisoft’s Trials series, where it’s a 2D, physics-based title with many of the same gameplay elements of Happy Wheels.

Anyone that’s looking for a free version of the Trials series is going to love this game, all thanks to the addictive gameplay and vaa st number of user-created levels on offer to everyone that plays it. There’s a lot to offer with this game, and it’s the reason it’s still just as successful now as it was back when it was originally released.

Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels is an action game that has uses the laws of physics to determine the outcome of player's actions. Play it online or download it and make sure you reach the end of each level. It is not an easy task!
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