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When it comes to Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy are arguably the most perfect fit for a video game. Telltale Games already tried their hand at making a game based on the team, but it is Eidos-Montreal that have really nailed what makes these guys one of the most popular teams of superheroes going. Before Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was released, many were worried it would be a similar affair to Marvel’s Avengers! Worries about “games as a service”, microtransactions and loot boxes were all very fair for gamers to have. Instead, Eidos-Montreal and Square-Enix did a 180 and crafted one of the most fun games of the year!

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The game is most certainly its own thing, but there are many parallels with the Guardians of the Galaxy from the MCU. The humor and personalities of the team are fantastic and fans of the movies will get a real air of familiarity here, even if they are not exactly the same.

The plot is a lot of fun and the game takes our heroes on a journey that starts with them trying to repay a debt, before ending up ultimately trying to save the galaxy! It is a whole lot of fun and there are many twists and turns. What really nails the story though is the writing and the incredible voice acting that make you care about and relate to the characters.

As you have no doubt heard, Guardians of the Galaxy is a single-player adventure. I am so glad that they went this route and I feel that as a single-player adventure is really is great. We play as Star Lord and we get to give out orders to the other Guardians as they each have their own abilities that we can use in combat.

There are also boss battles, a cool huddle where you can give a motivational speech, and other fun stuff too. Many people have talked about the QTE’s that are in the game, but I think people are greatly exaggerating this. The gameplay is fast, fun and while it is not bringing anything radically new to the genre, it works and works incredibly well and makes you feel like you are Star-Lord.

The combat feels great, you hold the left trigger to lock on and then blast away with the right. Star-Lord can use different elemental blasts and attacks and linking them together is a great deal of fun. The whole game just feels very satisfying to play and during my second playthrough, I noticed something very, very cool that I was not expecting.

You get to make various dialogue choices and I always thought that these were just for fun. I would have been cool with this, but during my second playthrough I made a different choice and the section that followed was different! Granted, this only happens on a couple of occasions, but it is very cool non the less.

The sound design in Guardians of the Galaxy is the best that I have encountered in a game in 2021. It features amazing voice acting and a tremendous licensed soundtrack that plays into the game more than you would think. Visually, I found the game to be very appealing and fitting with the series as you would expect.

Even though the characters are not based on their MCU counterparts, there are more than enough similarities. It is also a lot of fun to dress them up in different skins too! I played the game through on the PlayStation 5 and was impressed with not just the visuals, but the framerate too! I did also try the demo for the Guardians of the Galaxy Cloud Version on the Switch and once I moved closer to my router, I was impressed with the results.

I had a great time with Guardians of the Galaxy, it is a game that is just pure fun! As a single-player experience, it is so awesome to play a AAA game that is not full of the usual microtransactions and forced “games as a service” stuff that is the norm these days. This is one of the best games I have played this year and it will 100 percent appear on my game of the year list!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2021 action-adventure game based on comic books and movies of the same name. Download it now and have fun.
9 Total Score
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review Summary

  • The story is a whole lot of fun
  • The voice acting and sound, in general, is incredible
  • I liked how you could make different dialogue choices
  • Collecting skins is very addictive
  • It may not be trying a whole lot new in terms of the gameplay
  • I found I had to be close to my router for the Switch version to be playable
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