Meteor 60 Seconds!

Meteor 60 Seconds! is a very simple game where you find out that in 60 seconds a meteor will hit the planet Earth. Your goal is to use this time… as you like it. Even if it is illegal. Meteor 60 Seconds! is an action game, and also a life simulator for 60 seconds. The game has been created by a South Korean company AvoCavo, which is also known for a game with an interesting title – The Eventful Day Of a Game Streamer. Meteor 60 Seconds!  should not be confused with the Polish production 60 Seconds! from Robot Gentleman, or with its space sequel 60 Parsecs!

How to Download Meteor 60 Seconds!

The game can be downloaded completely free from the manufacturer’s website. There are Windows, macOS as versions and links to the mobile versions for Android and iOS systems (these will be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store).

The Game Review

At the beginning of the game, you are watching the news. During the latest news release, you find out that the NASA space agency has issued a message. Soon, the meteorite will hit the Earth, and it will be destroyed. You only have 60 seconds left. After a brief introduction of the topic the said studio, the anchorman who has just given you the terrible news uses his remaining time to undress and go bonkers. Yes, he gives vent to his frustration that he has worked to get this position for 20 years and must die on the very first day of getting the job.

The game then takes you to your hero’s house. For a moment, you wonder if it’s okay, can you really do what you like? Even crossing the limits of the law? Now you do not have time to think about it, you play as your character and start the game.

The mechanics of the game are very simple. Your character can only move left or right, use violence, or kiss other characters. You do all these activities using the keyboard and for keys. You can move left and right, attack and kiss. You cannot change the hero’s appearance, but if you beat a man with a baseball bat, you can take his stick. Interestingly, trying to kiss someone can result in you being hit.

You determine the course of action. After 60 seconds pass you unlock one of the nine endings. Then you can replay the game. To watch another ending you have to do a specific task. In one of these tasks, you will have to get an atomic bomb transmitter. To do this, you have to divert the attention of a dangerous dog which guards the laboratory. The human guard should be dealt with as well. You can use force here. Then you fly to the comet and blow it up… and yourself in the process. Remember that you have 60 seconds for all this, then the Earth ceases to exist.

The game is not complicated, you are able to perform only a small number of activities that lead to the inevitable end. The game itself offers only single-player mode. There are many endings and each one that you can unlock is available in the game menu to be played at any time. You do not have to do play again to see the specific ending once again.

Meteor 60 Seconds!
Meteor 60 Seconds! is a simple action game in which you play each time for only one minute, discovering new endings. Download the game and act. Hurry up, in 60 seconds the meteor will hit the Earth.
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Kasia Dalecka

Kasia Dalecka

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