SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free downloadable game set in a fictional SCP foundation. This organization protects the world from abnormal beings, objects or phenomena. During the game, a disaster occurs, as a result of which various abnormal creatures leave the containment chambers in which they are located.

How to Download SCP: Secret Laboratory

The game is available for free download from Steam. To start the download, click on the button at the end of the review.

The Player Roles

The players are divided into different groups.

  • The first group is called Class-D Personnel. These are the prisoners are just lab rats. They badly want to leave the facility without attracting attention.
  • The second group is called Nine-Tailed Fox. This is the team that aims to eliminate the threat that the breach poses. They want also to help Scientists to escape. They are also called The Mobile Task Force operatives. Among their ranks, you will find NTF Commander, NTF Lieutenant, NTF Scientist, and NTF Guard
  • The third team is Chaos Insurgency. They are the traitors of the Foundation. They want to help Class-D Personnel to escape and thus obtain information on what’s going on in the lab.
  • There is also a Scientist, who wants to get out alive from the building.
  • There are also SCP Objects, anomalies, who will kill as many players as possible. One of them is a living concrete creature that can only move when it is not observed. It kills its victims by twisting their necks. There’s also a humanoid who has the ability to go through walls and sends his victims to his own dimension. There is also artificial intelligence, which has self-developing properties and can take control of the systems in the building. You will also meet Plague doctor and a strange Object improving machinery.

SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Play with Friends – the Guide

Apparently, the most important object in the game is keycards. They allow you to reach a specific place. Each of these will let you access a level or location.

When it comes to weapons, there are several types. They are:

  • Fusion Pistol and Rifle – they do moderate damage
  • Logicar – lethal at close range, poor at the distance
  • Disarmer – does what it says
  • M1911 Pistol – very good starter weapon
  • I.D. Prototype Handheld Firearm capable of high voltage discharges can kill an anomaly with one shot

Each game is different and provides participants with different impressions. The facility is generated randomly so that the players never know where they are going and what is waiting for them. The will engage their opponents anywhere.

SCP Secret Laboratory is an asymmetric multiplayer game. Its main creator is Hubert Moszka, and the idea is based on another game, SCP – Containment Breach, created by Undertow Games in 2012. The Unity engine that has been used for this production guarantees detailed graphics. Watch the trailer SCP – Containment Breach.

Before the game starts, familiarize yourself with the in-game tutorial, because without it you can be quickly killed. The game is still in beta, and this means that it can contain errors, which, however, are quickly fixed by the developers.

How to Make a Server for SCP Secret Laboratory

The game also allows you to set up your own server. The players will know the server IP and thus will be able to join it. The instructions on how to make an own server can be found at this address.

SCP: Secret Laboratory
SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free game in which dangerous paranormal creatures escape from a secret laboratory. In the game, you play as the staff of the facility, an agent trying to control the situation, a military team who are the enemies of the facility or one of the monsters. Download the game today and have fun with friends.
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  1. i actually have a lot of info of some scp’s. that i will now tell you about 1:scp 096/shy guy hes not the best to figure out why he attacks anyone who stares at him. Lets say hes like a wolf wolf’s attack to keep them self safe. You must be thinking it still doesn’t answer why he attacks well he’s apparently scared you must be asking from what hes scared of. hes scared of people/humans he’s like a little kid when they first get in a new school, they’ll be scared or shy, shy guy/scp 096 isn’t mad or sad when you look at him. hes just scared so he attacks to keep himself safe. imagine yourself being stuck in a cage/containment room, you’ll want to fight right? hes like a human if they were like in a cage because your a scary monster Lets say people think your just a monster because of you being more non-natural. technically hes sad because of being put in what people call jail. thats all the info for today!

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