Stick Fight: The Game

Stick Fight: The Game is a new downloadable multiplayer title created by Landfall West. The title was released on September 28, 2017. While playing, the players fight with each other controlling simple characters, the so-called stickmen. The graphics are basic but this should not discourage the gamers – the stick fight mechanics are based on the laws of physics, so the gameplay is not trivial at all! It is worth noting that Landfall is also the creator of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. The latter game also has very simple graphics and uses the laws of physics, with the difference that it does it in full three dimensions!

How to Download Stick Fight: The Game

The game is downloadable from Steam. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review. For now, the game is only available on Windows and macOS. Nothing is known about Stick Fight: The Game on Xbox One or PS4.

How to Play Stick Fight – the Guide

The rules of the fight are not complicated: each player controls his character (they are all identical, and can only be distinguished by color) and fights to defeat opponents. To win, you need to demonstrate cleverness and a bit of knowledge. Due to the fact that the game is based on the laws of physics, you can use elements of the environment to win, the use of weapons is thus not mandatory. For example, in a snowy land, you can try to destroy the ice platform under the enemy – but you have to be careful not to have destroyed the one you’re on!

The players decide about all the game elements – starting from the selection of the map (the creators have prepared about eighty of them), through the number of weapons, the frequency with which the armaments appear, on the number of people participating in a game.

The locations are divided into several categories: desert, forest, industrial, western, winter, castle, surrounded by lava or with lasers. Initially, the battle goes on without any weapon, after a while the weapons begin to fall from the sky. However, as long as the weapons do not appear, no holds are barred. You can try melee combat or perhaps push the opponent off the platforms or attempt to use deadly elements of the map  …

The Game Maps and Weapons

… Speaking of maps, Stick Fight: The Game has a lot of them and as we already know they are quite varied. What’s more, their elements often pose an additional difficulty for the players: rotating lasers, falling platforms, spikes placed on the sides of the maps or swaying platforms are sometimes more difficult to avoid than the opponents themselves. On some maps, the basic tactic is to try to kill the opponent with the environmental traps.

The Weapons are diverse – you have access to both knives and firearms, and even … snake spitting rifles! Before each game, you choose which weapon you want to use.

The Game Modes and the Game Controls

There is no single-player option in the game – two to four players are needed for the game to begin. With two people it is possible to play locally, with four – the game needs to be online. There is also a chat option so you are able to talk to your friends while having fun together.

The graphics in the game are very simple and two-dimensional, and the animations are uncomplicated. Each game ends with written, funny summaries. The game can be controlled using the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

Stick Fight: The Game
Stick Fight: The Game is for those who like crazy battles with friends. Download the game and be a part of stickmen mayhem.
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