is a browser-based multiplayer online battle-arena game from developers Justin Kim and Nick Clark that is available for iOS, Android, and all platforms that can browse the Internet. Played from a top-down perspective, is similar to other titles in the battle royale genre like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite – the main difference being the graphics.

How to Download

To start playing click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you want a PC version it is enough to fire up your browser. However, you can also enjoy the game on your mobile device – the game can be downloaded from Google Play Store or from App Store. And if you want more 2D battle royale fun check out also Zombs Royale.

The Game Review

As in those games, players are surrounded by an ever-shrinking field within which they have to find and eliminate other hostile combatants. Team modes are available as well.

The game starts players out with absolutely no gear whatsoever except for their fists. Armor, weapons, and the like can be found as the player makes their way across the map. Finding this stuff does give an edge in combat and is pretty necessary for surviving an encounter with a player that is even modestly equipped.

In this regard, combines elements of first-person shooters and stealth games. Outside of the unique presentation, there is little to separate the game from its more graphically impressive siblings. That means that core gameplay is solid and gamers who need a quick battle royale fix can get it here.

But that doesn’t mean that is necessarily for everyone. This game is perhaps the definition of an indie title. Barebones in presentation and rudimentary in certain points, could be easily compared to PUBG when it first launched.

The positives of this approach are that it runs fairly well on every platform for which it is available and you’re unlikely to need to upgrade your system in the future to handle it. It does matches well and it never seems to really miss a beat.

But it might be a hard transition, especially given that Fortnite is now on mobile devices (and is wildly popular). Keeping in mind that this game is an indie effort helps but it doesn’t help you shake the thought that you could be playing something better on mobile.

When it comes to a browser game, however, this is is a really unique offering. There aren’t many browser games that are this cool. is insanely addictive and you can play it pretty easily from any Internet-capable laptop that supports modern browsers.

Capturing that audience, which could be the most casual of the casual, makes this title an interesting proposition in terms of game communities. Though browser games are usually associated with things like Farmville, shows that they can be compelling battle royale games as well. is a two-dimensional battle-royale game. Download it now to play on your mobile or enjoy a browser experience.
8 Total Score Review Summary

We recommend that hardcore battle royale fans give it a try – you’ll probably like it.

  • Really fun battle royale gameplay in a browser or on your mobile device
  • Barebones graphics betrays a game that is deep and offers a lot of options for taking out opponents
  • Accessible and available to anyone with a phone or Internet browser
  • Very basic graphics
  • Somewhat limited gameplay in the browser or on the phone
  • There’s also Fortnite for smartphones
User Rating: 4 (4 votes)
Justin Kim, Nick Clark
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