Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is the type of game where you always have to test your skills against puzzles and enemies. But this game is less about that and more about bringing Lara Croft to the new generation of gamers. They took the action-adventure experience and combined it with Uncharted-like gameplay. This time around you really have plenty of unique and exciting mechanics, and the best part is that it does work really well.

How to Download Tomb Raider

To download Tomb Raider, hit the link provided at the bottom of the review. This 2013 game is not to be confused with the title which started it all and was released in 1996. If you like the series check out also and download the more recent Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018).

The Game Review

The Plot

The story is amazing in this game. You get stranded on an island and you slowly reach most of your friends. But the story uncovers as you play and you have an evil organization trying to eliminate everything on the island.

You also have natural enemies, the animals on that island aren’t friendly and they will put you down. That will be a problem, especially in the beginning when you try to do the best you can in order to stay alive in the long run. It’s not going to be easy to do that, but you are bound to enjoy the experience.

Tomb Raider: Level Design and Skill Progression

In addition, the level design in this title is solid. It really helps you push the boundaries and you constantly want to see more and experience more of it. That will offer you more and interesting game ideas and the mechanics will shine all the time. It’s not going to be easy for sure, as the beginning doesn’t give you lots of options and weapons. So you really have to shift towards a much better and more intense experience.

Even if there are things like collapsible portions in the levels, they make sense and work as a whole. It does take a bit of time to get used to them for sure, but in the end that will be a resounding experience and a great opportunity. You will be more than happy with the gameplay because you can focus on whatever you want.

You can be focused on archery, and you can also take your time to explore other options and gameplay mechanics too. It makes a lot of sense to test out new ideas, but in the end, you will surely find gameplay options that work for you all the time.

There aren’t boss battles like you had in the previous TR games, but here you get more focus on the story and on the process itself. Which is always a good thing, because you can just have fun and take your time to complete all tasks and deal with challenges that appear in your way.

The Bottom Line

Is Tomb Raider a good game for you? It’s definitely a reboot, but it works great if you want to feel for Lara and want to understand her story. It’s a great and rewarding title, and the best part is that it always pushes the boundaries with clever ideas. Yes, there’s more focus on the cinematic aspect instead of relics and tomb raiding, but it still works.

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider is an action adventure game featuring Lara Croft, a young treasure hunter. Download it now and see what happened on the island.
10 Total Score
Tomb Raider Review Summary

  • Very long and with a great story
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great reboot
  • You will die a lot in the beginning
  • Not as fast paced as the other games in the series
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