Who’s Your Daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a two-player game played over the internet. One of the players assumes the role of the father, while the other one plays as the child. The task of the toddler is, as drastic as it sounds, to kill itself. The goal for the father is making sure it doesn’t happen. The father wins if after some time passes he is still able to keep his child from harm.

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The Gameplay

The kid can commit suicide in a number of ways. The house contains a variety of toxic substances, cleaning chemicals or the favorite treat for young babies – the batteries, to name a few. The child can also enter the bathtub, turn on the water and drown. An equally effective tactic can be pushing a fork into an electric socket or going inside the oven (after having it turned on of course). Much depends on the resourcefulness and creativity of the players. How can one use a hammer? Why not climb on a glass table and smash it to pieces, cutting oneself in the process?

While the kid is happily frolicking in the house, the father needs to make sure that every possible dangerous item in the vicinity is removed or neutralized. Thus he secures the electrics sockets, removes the scattered batteries or deadly chemicals from child’s reach or takes away whatever the child grabs in its tiny hands and which might cause a crisis. For the kid not to drown in the bathtub the father has to remove smalls stairs that enable the child to climb there. The menace of the oven has to be done with by setting up child lock. As we see

As we see babyproofing can be a lot of work. The game is fast-paced because or toddler can move pretty quick. Another nuisance for the father is that all the deadly items each time the game is played a new are randomly distributed over the house. The father has to be vigilant and act on instinct. It’s important because sometimes he won’t know where the kid is at the current moment. Is it hiding someplace int he kitchen or is it already in another room?

Who’s Your Daddy Chores

To make his life easier, the father may try to complete some in-game missions or, to put it bluntly, house chores. These can be for example putting all the baby toys into one big wooden box. The reward will be gaining superpowers. For example, the father can become invisible or may acquire a skill of looking through the walls to see where the child is or how long its health bar is at the moment. Another superpower can be getting to know where the key items in the house are. Completion of such chores requires skill and is by no means easy. One has to quickly determine where the child’s toys are and then gather them to put inside the container. Doing this in a 3D environment can prove to be difficult.

Who’s Your Daddy looks unfinished, graphics has glitches. These, however, instead of annoying make the players laugh. A flying bay or a father who looks as if his legs are broken when he crouches are just hilarious.

Who’s Your Daddy is a game worth playing and its low price on Steam justifies downloading it and trying it out.

Who's Your Daddy
Who's Your Daddy is game for two players where the father tries to save his baby from death.
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