365 Days

This is one of those movies that built up a ton of buzz thanks to Netflix. 365 Days (365 dni) is a Polish movie that is classed as an “erotic drama” which is putting it mildly. Let me start this review by saying if you do not like sex in your movies this is not for you! I would say that this is way more graphic than 50 Shades of Grey, but this one also had a gangster storyline so that aspect made me think it could be a movie for me.

How to Stream or Download 365 Days

As we said the movie is available on Netflix. You can stream it but it is also available for download and offline viewing. Click on the Download button to start. Check out also the second part of the series – 365 Days: This Day.

The Movie Review

There are two main characters in the movie. Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) is a pretty average woman, a sales director who ends up in Sicily. Her relationship with her boyfriend is doomed and this trip could be just what she needs. This sounds like your typical “love, romance” or whatever you want to call it kind of story, doesn’t it?

Well, the other main character is a man called, Massimo (Michele Morrone) and he is a gangster. He was the son of the head honcho, but after his passing Massimo becomes the head of the crime family. He has a pretty much instant attraction to Laura when he sees her as their paths had crossed five years earlier.

Most guys may try and flirt with the lady, but not Massimo! He kidnaps Laura and the plan is to hold her prisoner for 365 days so that she falls in love with him! This premise is just crazy and so unplausible that it does kind of take you out of it. It is not as if there is any real “romance” here either so in that regard, I do not see it being a good chick flick either.

The whole gangster aspect of Massimo was a premise that I thought was kind of cool, but even though there is a mob war between families, it is not as big a part of the movie as I would have liked. I got the feeling that they were trying to go for some kind of tragic love story with these two, but I never got it.

Having sex in a movie can be great, but here it was trying way too hard. I am not a prude or anything like that. However, the sex in the movie feels like it is there to purely get people talking, which I guessed worked as it was a major reason this movie was one of the most-watched on Netflix when it was released.

I would not say that 365 Days is a bad movie, but it is also not what I would class as a very good one either. The premise is kind of interesting, but the way it unfolds on the screen feels way too absurd and far too dumb to buy into. I guess the gangster stuff is kind of cool, but that is about all the enjoyment I got out of it.

365 Days
365 Days is an erotic drama film based on the acclaimed novel series by the Polish author Blanka Lipińska. Download it now or stream tonight.
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