A Madea Family Funeral

Let me start by saying that I like Tyler Perry and think he has been responsible for some great stuff over the years. Even some of the movies in this “Madea cinematic universe” that he has created have been entertaining. However, A Madea Family Funeral is just pure garbage and two hours of my life I would love to get back. Thankfully, I saw this on Amazon Prime so I did not have to technically pay to watch it.

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The movie was released on March 1, 2019. You can download or stream it from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

Once again Perry is playing the role of Madea and he is usually fun and amusing in this role, this old not scared to say what she thinks character has certainly gotten more than a few laughs out of me over the years. As is usually the case in these movies, he plays a few other roles as well which you have to give him credit for.

Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title A Madea Family Funeral
Release Date March 1, 2019
Availability Download or stream from digital platforms
Main Actor and Role Tyler Perry as Madea and other roles
Filming Schedule Shot in a short amount of time
Plot Family’s trip to Georgia turns into a chaotic funeral situation
Comedy and Writing Writing and comedy are criticized for being awkward and forced
Viewer Reaction The reviewer found the movie disappointing and not funny

Movie Filming and Presentation

However, I do also have to say that the way the movie is shot and to be fair, this movie was shot in a ridiculously short amount of time is very bad. Take a movie like The Nutty Professor II where Eddie Murphy played multiple roles and had many of his characters interact with each other, this is how you do that! In A Madea Family Funeral, it is done kind of lazily (or due to the short filming schedule) and it is kind of lame.

The Plot and Execution

The plot of the movie sees the family taking what they think is going to be a fun trip to Georgia for a family party. Of course, that does not go as planned and they end up in a bit of a nightmare situation as there is a funeral that they are at, and “crazy” stuff follows. I like Tyler Perry, I really do, but this is some of the worst stuff that I have seen from him.

Lackluster Comedy and Writing

It is like they had a week to make this movie and they had a basic premise and a bunch of locations booked to film at and just winged the whole thing, making up the dialogue as they went. So much of this is so awkward and forced that it just becomes groan-inducing and not in a good gross-out comedy kind of way at all.

Final Verdict

I like silly and stupid and tend to have a tolerance for this kind of stuff, hell, I am someone that laughed his butt off while watching Freddy Got Fingered! However, A Madea Family Funeral is just straight-up bad! I watched this with my wife, well I watched the first 20 minutes of this with my wife before she tapped out and said he could not watch this and started messing on her phone instead.

What we have here is a movie that is not funny, it is just stupid, but not stupid in a funny way. It goes from a stupid scenario to a stupid scenario and you just do not care! If the movie made me laugh, I could forgive the dumb plot and terrible writing, but I do not think the movie made me laugh once! Avoid this one like the plague!

A Madea Family Funeral
A Madea Family Funeral is the 11th film in the series of comedy movies. Download it now and see what happened this time.
2.5 Total Score
A Madea Family Funeral Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I do like Madea (and Joe) as characters in this universe
  • If it is true that they made this whole movie in a week, I guess that is impressive…. And explains a lot!
  • This is one of the worst movies I have seen and the worst in the Madea series
  • The whole movie is just dumb, but not in a fun way
  • The writing and the acting for the most part is terrible
  • I feel legit bad for anyone who actually paid money to see this.
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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