After Death

After Death is not really a movie, it is a documentary, but I was able to catch it and I thought that it was pretty interesting. I had read a little about it before and I thought it was going to be a “faith-based” type of movie/documentary, but that was not really the case. Granted, it is certainly here, but I feel like it plays that part of it quite neutral, to be honest with you.

How to Download After Death

After Death was released on October 27, 2023. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Also, check out other titles from Angel Studios such as The Chosen, His Only Son, or Sound of Freedom.

The Movie Review

The Central Theme of After Death

What happens when we die? If you have ever wondered that After Death is for you. I have seen more than a few documentaries about this over the years and it is a subject I find fascinating. This takes a very serious approach with how they present the subject of what happens when we die and it is pretty captivating stuff.

Diverse Perspectives: Science and Faith in After Death

We do not just get a bunch of randoms that claim they had lunch with Jesus when they had a near-death experience. In After Death, some highly respected scientists, doctors, and people of faith gave their opinions on this. They also have people who have had near-death experiences who give detailed accounts of what they remember happening to them.

Re-enactments and Storytelling Techniques in After Death

We also get some re-enactments of the stories that some of the people are telling. To be honest with you, these re-enactments can be on the cheesy side and I found them to be more of a distraction than actually lending any substance or credibility to the stories that people were telling. Also, some of the stories and some of the people talking goes on just a tad too long. I get this is a serious subject, but some snappier editing with the stories would have probably made it more interesting.

Balancing Perspectives: The Documentary’s Approach

I feel like they do a good job of having a faith side of things and a science side of things and never really leaning too hard on either side. For me, After Death felt like the kind of documentary that presented you with a bunch of opinions, and then it wanted you to make up your own mind. I like this kind of thing and if you watch this with someone or know some other people that have watched it, it can make for some interesting conversations to have after.

Personal Reactions and Interpretations

To be fair, I can see why some people loved this movie and it caused them to get really deep in thought. I can be the same when I watch something about UFOs or alternate dimensions. However, with a subject like this, it is quite personal and I know for some people, life after death is just not a thing they can consider and for those, this documentary/movie is going to do nothing other than make them roll their eyes a great deal.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Coming in at a little over the 90-minute mark, I think that this could have been an hour TV or Netflix special and it may have been better for it. I found a great deal of what was being discussed interesting, but I do have at least a passing interest in this subject. If you are interested in the concept of life after death After Death is well worth checking out.

After Death
After Death is a film that explores life after death, featuring scientists, doctors, and faith leaders alongside personal near-death experience stories. Download it.
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After Death Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Some of the stories being told really do make you think
  • I found some of the scientific stuff and the faith stuff to be fascinating
  • If you are interested in the life after death concept, you will like this
  • It makes for an interesting discussion topic!
  • Those re-enactments are very cheesy and cheapen the whole thing
  • Some of the interview segments go on way too long
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