I think that Rogue One is one of the better Star Wars movies that Disney has produced since they acquired the Star Wars license. Cassian Andor was an awesome character and I was excited to see his journey from nothing to rebellion hero. Andor is the latest Disney Plus Star Wars TV series and so far, they have all been great and it looks like this one is following that trend.

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Andor takes place five years before the events of Star Wars: Rogue One. Cassian Andor is pretty much a nobody living a basic life on the planet Ferrix. He is out looking for his missing sister on another planet when he gets into some trouble with two Pre-Mor Security Officers who work for The Empire.

This run-in with these two security officers is ultimately what leads to him starting his journey with the Rebellion! After the two officers end up killed, Cassian returns to his home and tries to cover his tracks. Unfortunately for him, a really uptight officer called, Syril Karn wants to solve the case and bring the “killer” to justice.

Cassian finds out that they are on his trail and he tries to feel the planet. Now, this is where things really pick up as Luthen Rael comes to Ferrix to try and buy something very special that Cassian has. Rael takes an interest in him and the two feel the planet together and thus begins the journey of the man who would become such a legend for The Rebellion.

I will say that the first episode of Andor was very slow, not in a bad way, but it was certainly an episode that was a slow burn. I would say that with episode two it picks up steam and episode three is just flat-out fantastic and sets the tone for what we can expect from the rest of the season.

One of the things that I enjoyed about Star Wars: Rogue One was seeing the dirtier side of the Rebellion. In Andor, we once again get to see that while the Rebellion are the “good guys” they are not scared to get their hands dirty. It is like an espionage spy thriller and a damn good one too.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor is great, he has a lot of charm and I think that as he is the undoubtable star here, he gets to shine even more than he did in Rogue One. Speaking of Rogue One, Luthen Rael is not the only character from that movie to show up here and that is awesome. I think there is a good mixture of characters we know and new interesting characters as well.

One thing that I have to give the people behind Andor a ton of credit for is the way the movie looks. It is shot beautifully, there are many actual sets and I think they have struck a good balance with real sets and green/blue screen CG sets here. As you would expect the sound in this show is amazing, say what you will about Star Wars, but every movie and TV show has phenomenal sound.

Once again Disney has nailed it with a Star Wars TV series. I am very excited to see where this one goes, as of writing the series is not yet complete, but it has been fantastic so far. If you are a Star Wars fan, you certainly do not want to miss out on this! I am looking forward to watching Rogue One again once the series concludes as I am sure this will make that even more entertaining!

Andor is a two-season science fiction TV series that leads to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Download it now.
9.5 Total Score
Andor Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Diego Luna has a lot of charisma as Cassian Andor
  • This is a fun spy thriller-type show
  • It was cool seeing characters we first met in Rogue One here
  • The show looks and sounds amazing
  • I wish they called it something else, Star Wars: Resistance for example as I am over them just naming their shows after characters
  • Like all Disney Plus shows, this is probably never going to see a physical release
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